Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jojo Loves You Sale

Have you heard about Jojo Loves You? It is an accessory company based in Brookline, MA that specializes in fun, colorful earrings called blings.
pictured in Capri Blue
If you want something with even more sparkle, they have Party Blings with Swarovski crystals around the border.
pictured in Mint
Pearl Party Blings- the ones I currently own and love!
Other options include Mini Blings and Mini Party Blings for when you don't want something as large
pictured in Lavender
pictured in Sapphire
Oval Blings and Navette Blings for when you want a slightly different shape:
pictured in Ireland Green
pictured in Flamingo

Now through Memorial Day, Jojo Loves you is doing their annual Memorial Day sale. Mini blings are 3 for $50 (normally $20 a pair) and regular Blings, Mini Party Blings, Party Blings, Oval, and Navette Blings are all 3 for $60 (normally $30 a pair for the regular Blings, $25 for the Mini Party Blings, $35 for the Party Blings, and $32 for the Oval and Navette Blings). This is an awesome time to stock up for parties, bridesmaid gifts, or just because gifts for friends (or yourself!)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

This is a song for the broken hearted

Jon Bon Jovi played a concert tonight in Germany. I got tickets to go. Free ones. I couldn't go. This is how I feel right now.
If I could sum up my entire college extracurricular life in music, it would all be Bon Jovi and Kelly Clarkson. I can't even tell you how many nights I spent at roughly 2am singing "Livin' on a Prayer" into a beer bottle. Plenty.

I got word a few days ago that Bon Jovi was playing a concert tonight in Munich. The band or the man himself donated some tickets to the USO and word spread that they had 250 free pairs tickets to give away. Through my spouses' group I was able to get one of them. I found out late Wednesday night (at like 11pm) that I had procured said tickets. The concert was tonight at 6. For the next few days, all I could really articulate was Bon Jovi this and Bon Jovi that. I had wanted to see the man in concert for as long as I remember, and now I had the tickets in my hand to do so. Free ones!!!

In case you are nearly as lousy at geography as I am, Munich is about a 4-5 hour drive from our house. The question became of how to get to said concert. TLS didn't want to drive it all in one day so we would have to get a hotel room. Of course, by this point, anything near the Olympic Stadium was either completely booked or insanely expensive. Way more than the face value of my tickets. "Fine then, we'll take the train" I said. It turned out I had two options for the train- one that cost only 42€ and would take around 7 hours and involve 5 connections on slow, regional trains to get there, or one that cost well over 100€ and would get me there in 4.5 hours. 

Given that we are going to Luxembourg City next week for our anniversary, and that T is heading back to the States sometime next weekend, it slowly became clearer that there was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that I was going to be standing on a field belting "It's My Life" surrounded by Jon and several thousand screaming Germans. 

I don't handle rejection well. I started going through some sort of the stages of grief. (I mean, I would be ok with not going if we physically couldn't get tickets to go, but did I mention that there are two tickets to the concert sitting in an envelope on top of my hallway table.) I tried bargaining (well can we go to Munich and just forgo our anniversary? Husband loved that one!), pouting (not terribly proud of this, but if we're being honest here), complaining (A LOT of complaining). Eventually, I had to put on my big girl snowman pajama pants and accept that I was just not going. This was going to cost us way too much money and was too difficult to plan on such short notice. 

Thank goodness that there was a Dunkin Donuts sale on base today. The Great Gatsby in 3D, a Boston Cream donut, and a new nail polish have been almost enough to cheer me up today. That and pricing out tickets to some of his other shows on the European tour. I mean, it's totally feasible to fly to Norway for the night?