Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stella & Dot giveaway

I love Stella & Dot jewelry. It is fun, pretty, and for the most part, affordable. I had been wanting these Starfish Earrings for several years, and pulled the trigger and finally purchased them this month.
I like to call them my gateway drug. Since then, I have been spent a lot of time on the Stella & Dot site obsessing over their jewelry and planning my next purchase.
Paradise Studs- $24
Sunset Bangle- $69
Serenity Small Stone Necklace- $59
In time for Spring Break and Easter, one of my blog sponsors, Danielle Stage, Stella & Dot Independent Stylist has decided to do a fun giveaway for Preppy Girl Meets World readers. One lucky reader will win the Serenity Small Stone Drop Earrings in her choice of Aqua or Lapis.
These earrings are adorable and are another item on my ever-growing wishlist. I love how tiny they are yet can still make a statement. I would wear them with jeans and a cute top or my navy Lilly Pulitzer Clare dress.

Enter using the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Many thanks to Danielle Stage for generously sponsoring this giveaway.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday 5

Five things I'm loving lately:

1) Bubble Tea (as evidenced by all of my Foursquare checkins)
Bubble tea is clearly the new black in Germany. On February 20th, our town had its fair share of excitement when the first bubble tea shop opened. Since then, two other places have started serving bubble tea and a fourth one is set two open this. I should probably mention that these four places are within a 2-3 block radius of each other, with two of them being just two storefronts away. I know this overkill. But I love bubble tea. And since the nearest Starbucks to me is 30 minutes away, it helps satisfy this transplant New Yorker's desire for fancy overpriced drinks. It takes me about 30 minutes to walk to the shop from my house and back, so I like to do that and then pretend that the tea isn't as bad for me because of it.

2) My Kate Spade wallet
Portola Valley Jules
In a moment of generosity, my mother bought me this wallet for my upcoming trip to Dublin. (The look of astonishment on my husband's face when he heard that she bought me a brand new wallet for a 48 hour trip was pretty amazing.) Since my life is pretty much a walking description of Murphy's Law, I was sure that it would get here the day after I got back from Dublin. Not that my mother would make me return it or anything, but still. Well, much to my pleasant surprise, it came today. It is a lot bigger than it looks on the website and I am in love with it!

3) Steiff Snoopy- World War I Flying Ace
What can I say about this that isn't already obvious? I stumbled upon him a couple of nights ago and it was basically love at first sight. He is a North American exclusive and is available for pre-order. He costs $245 but can you ever really put a price on happiness and awesomeness? Seeing that inspired me to start my birthday wishlist.

4) Snoopy Tervis Tumbler

Speaking of Snoopy, how cute is this Tervis Tumbler? And just slightly more wallet-friendly. I'm hoping to get it for this spring/summer? (Have I mentioned that I really like Snoopy?)

5) The Hunger Games

TLS and I went to see it today. We both loved it. I am going to go back to see it with a girlfriend most likely sometime next week or so (hi Hannah!) and am thinking of watching it in German also just to compare. And maybe pick up a few words of German in the process. (Spoiler alert: tesserae is still called tesserae in German.)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Travel Wish List

I was emailing with a friend the other day, and I mentioned how jealous I am of her upcoming trip to Japan because that has always been at the top of my travel wish list for me. I come from a family that loves to travel and am lucky enough to be married a wonderful man who has the travel bug as much as I do. My parents have several shelves of travel guides back at home, and whenever I got bored, I loved reading their books and planning out dream vacations in my head. While I have been fortunate enough to travel to so many places, there are a few that I have not yet been to that are on my "I need to see them before I die." Here they are in a somewhat random order.

1) Japan

I love everything about Japanese culture. The art. The food. The gorgeous kimonos. The architecture. The food. The Cherry Blossoms. The fans. Origami. All of it. Since I was about 10 years old, it has been my dream to go see Japan and experience it for myself. I have yet to make that dream a reality. But I'm working on it. It is my not so secret wish for TLS to get stationed there after Germany.

2) Greece

I grew up with greek mythology. I used to have a book of Greek Myths and art that I loved. I would read it over and over cover to cover nonstop. Until the covers fell off. They fascinated me so much. No Cinderella here- I read Greek myths every night before bed. By the time I was in the fourth grade, I had read both the Odyssey and the Illiad. Growing up attending the Metropolitan Museum of Art every Saturday afternoon, the Greek and Roman galleries were always my favorite. Whenever I travel and go to a new museum for the first time, the first thing I do is go check out the Greek and Roman art wing if there is one. Greek culture fascinates me. I even took a year of Greek in high school. I always knew that I had to go to Greece at least once to see the ruins and visit all of the places that inspired some of my favorite childhood stories and memories.

3) Walt Disney World

Yes. Really.

While my parents have done well for themselves and live an incredibly comfortable life now, for my family this was not always the case. I grew up with not much money and because my mother wanted to only send me to private schools, even with scholarships this tied up a lot of my parents' (at the time) small incomes. Things like vacations were just not in the books for us. I wanted to so badly to go to Disney World but we just could not afford it. By the time my parents had started earning more money and could afford to go on vacations, my mother's reasoning was "well you're not a little kid any more" and so they didn't want to go to Disney. They have taken me on plenty of incredible vacations and I've loved every minute of them. I've been to half of Europe but have yet to get a hug from Mickey Mouse. It is my adult dream to change that. TLS talked about taking me there when we're back in the States. Until then however, we may have to cheat and go to Euro Disney.

A pair of Mickey Mouse ears with my name on them has been perpetually on my wishlist for I don't even know how long now. A sorority sister sent me bride and groom Mickey Mouse ears and TLS and I wore them at our rehearsal dinner. Loved them.

4) Thailand

My parents love Thailand. While they are not big on repeat vacations (unless it's a beach/relax type of vacation), they have been there at least three times. If not more. They have yet to take me with them. Sniff. They literally have several albums worth of pictures from their trips at home. They always talk about what an amazing time they had on their trips there and how they can't wait to go back. They were at one point seriously considering buying a Villa in Thailand to retire at. (I think they still might be.) My mother literally cried when she heard on the news about the monsoon. I really want to go visit it and experience all of the things that they have first hand. (Have I also mentioned how much I really love Thai food? A LOT.)

5) Dubai

My father is a Travel Channel geek. (Have I mentioned that my parents travel a lot?) When Dubai was first being built up, I sat there and watched all of the programs on tv about it with him that talked about the construction of the Burj al Arab and the islands. All I could think to myself was that it was the most incredible thing that I had ever seen in my life and "I have got to go there sometime." I loved watching the Amazing Race episodes that were filmed there. About 5 years ago, I decided to look up how much it costs to stay in the Burj al Arab for a week. It's not pretty. You need a loan to stay there. A big one. Thankfully, there are a lot more wallet-friendly hotels there. And it just looks so fun! I really hope that we are able to go.

And have I mentioned that there's a Shake Shack there?

6) China
Walking the Great Wall is on my bucket list. It looks so beautiful and stunning in pictures and I love that you can actually see it from space. I also love Peking Duck and would love to taste the real stuff. And to see Tiananmen Square. My parents loved China (have I mentioned that they take several vacations a year?) and my mother had a lot of fun buying pearls there! Bonus.

7) Austria
Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens...
I can pretty much recite every single line in that movie to you in my sleep. Don't ask me how many times I've seen that movie because I can't count that high. I even saw the Broadway revival of it in middle school with my mother. Like pretty much every other girl out there, it's a goal of mine to go and visit all of the places that were in the Sound of Music and take a picture of me running down and twirling down the Alps. I suggested to TLS that we do that as our holiday card picture this year. He's not as crazy about the idea as I am. I'm still working on it.

Unlike every other place on this list, I actually have been to Austria. When I was a freshman in high school, I went on a trip to Munich, Vienna, Budapest, and Prague. I loved Vienna. I did. But come on now. Where were the alps, where were the 7 children dressed in identical sailor uniforms, and where were the nuns? Salzburg is officially on my bucket list. And has been since I first saw that movie way back when. (True story: when an Army ranger friend of mine tried to describe his job to me he said "name World War II movies you've seen" and I replied "The Sound of Music." He laughed. I was serious.)

8) Ireland

I don't know why, but growing up, I had this image of Ireland as being this beautiful country that was literally nothing but fields that stretched on to eternity. I loved playing frisbee with my parents in the park and told them that they had to take me to Ireland so we could have a real game of frisbee in a field there. My mother didn't really understand this. Oh well. I was determined to make it happen some day.

That day is almost here. A friend of mine who is about to move to Korea for a year decided to do one last trip before she leaves. She chose Dublin. And yours truly is going with her on a girls' trip. I could not be more excited! We are only going for almost exactly 48 hours, so I am certain that I won't see anything like the picture above, and we might not get to do too much outside of the Guinness storehouse, a bus tour, and a cathedral, but I am still over the moon excited!

I have been making my travel wish list since I was about 5 years old and it feels so great to be able to cross another item off it.

Bonus points: Ireland will be another place that I have traveled to before my parents have.

I've shown you mine now show me yours. What is your travel wish list? What are the places you absolutely have to see before you die?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

1) Spring weather
Germany has been gorgeous lately! I'm loving the sunshine. Need to get a pedicure STAT.
2) My new Stella & Dot Earrings

Got these in the mail the other day and I am more in love with them than ever before. They are so cute and fun and don't hurt my ears at all. Now I want to get more earrings. Much to my husband's delight.
3) The Jack Rogers Bahamas Jelly Flip Flops in Aqua Raspberry

How cute are these?
4) Lilly Pulitzer Spring/Summer Collections
I've been oggling the photos that are posted on Perfectly Preppy Resale on facebook and can't get enough of this shift dress with the whales on it (doesn't that just scream Masha to you???)

and this ladybug skirt

How perfect is this for a preppy Alpha Sigma Alpha? Both of these items are going to have to be weight loss gifts to myself since I've been doing well on Weight Watchers and have gotten to that point where I'm starting to need to get new clothes. :) When I went to ASA convention in 2008, I wore my beloved DvF ladybug wrap dress.

I'm sad that I can't go to convention this year (airfare from Frankfurt to VA Beach is kind of expensive. And not just kind of. If I were to go, you can bet every dollar you have that I would be rocking this skirt at convention one night. And that wrap dress another. In fact, any ASAs reading this should buy this skirt and wear it to convention for me since I can't.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sweet Tea Paperie giveaway

Just in time for fun events like the Carolina Cup, the Derby, Spring Break, and lots of beach days, Sweet Tea Paperie has started carrying a line of adorable monogrammed straw hats. How adorable are these?
There are 7 hats in all- 2 solid colored ones (natural and black) and 5 striped ones (black, pool blue, lime green, orange, and pink). I'm partial to the pool blue stripe myself. With 3 monogram styles and 16 thread colors, you can rest assured that your hat will be unique to you!

To celebrate the launch of these new items, Sweet Tea Paperie has offered one lucky Preppy Girl Meets World reader the chance to win a monogrammed hat of her very own.

Enter via the Rafflecopter widget below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If the Boatman Geller acrylic trays are on your wishlist, then you are in luck! Until midnight tonight, you can get 25% off the purchase of a tray with code FABFRITRAY.

This one is still one of my favorite items from the shop and would be mine if I weren't saving money for my trip to Dublin.

Many thanks to Sweet Tea Paperie for generously sponsoring this giveaway.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

More Facts About Yours Truly

Copying this fun questionnaire from Dollface.

1) If you had been born a boy, do you know what your parents planned on naming you?
Michael. My whole family was convinced that I was going to be a boy. Convinced. They picked the name out after my great-grandfather who passed away before I was born. (It is a Jewish custom to name babies after the deceased.) They got the shock of their lives when I came out. I was also three weeks early so they weren't expecting me quite yet. When my father called my Nana to tell her, she said "why are you calling? what's wrong?" and he said "nothing's wrong I just wanted to congratulate you on the birth of your granddaughter." Her immediate response was "why not a grandson?" Oy.
2) What is your favorite book of all time?
The 101 Most Influential People who Never Lived

Hysterical and very insightful.
3) If you could have lunch with one celebrity, who would it be and why?
Reese Witherspoon because in my mind, she is one of the few celebrity women who can do no wrong. I love everything she does or says just about.
4) Did you go Greek in college? If so, which house? .

Alpha Sigma Alpha. Aspire. Seek. Attain.
5) Sweet or salty?
6) Do you prefer to make a phone call or send a text?
I used to hate talking on the phone with the exception of a select few people. I hated when people who drag out conversations. For me, it was always like "just tell me what you need to say and then get off the phone." Texting all the way. Since moving overseas, I've gotten to appreciate phone calls to my friends and family back home a lot more. Now when I do have phone calls, they are a lot longer.
7) What is your favorite flower?
Hydrangeas, Peonies, and Cala Lilies. I used all three in my wedding bouquet.

8) Did you have an American Girl Doll as a child?
I had Samantha Parkington and she was spoiled rotten. I'm pretty sure that her clothes cost more than mine did at the time. (Gap Kids always has sales. Pleasant Company- back when the dolls were actually owned by Pleasant Company- not so much.) It broke my heart a little when she was discontinued.
I begged for years before my parents finally got me her. She was my favorite because she had the prettiest dresses and wore giant bows and came with a plaid dress. So much has changed.
9) What is your favorite white wine and favorite red wine varietal? 
I generally prefer white wines to reds. I'm spoiled that the region of Germany we live in makes great wines and we're not too far from the Mosel region! My favorites are Riesling Halbtrocken (semi-sweet wines) and Bacchus. For reds, my new obsession is Dornfelder. It's a German red that's sweet but not overly so. I'm sad that it's not that easy to get in the States. A friend who moved back to the States advised us to bring back a crate of it when we move back!
10) What is your favorite quote?
I am not going to tag anyone in this one, but feel free to answer it on your own blogs (or in the comments section below if you don't have a blog) and let me know if you do. I would love to learn more about you!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Silver Lining Decor Giveaway

Do y'all remember blog sponsor Silver Lining Decor from this post? While I was busy salivating over each and every item in her shop and fantasizing which Lilly dress they would work best with, Rachel, the owner decided to step in and run interference.
Vintage Pearl Wreath Necklace- $38

Vintage Navy Blue Jewel and White Enamel Bow Earrings- $18

My husband will be getting me earrings or a necklace from this shop for Passover. He just doesn't know it yet.

Since Easter is coming up, and most girls like to buy new Lilly dresses and/or jewelry for it, or Passover if you're Jewish like me, Rachel is graciously offering one of my favorite items up from her shop as a giveaway to one lucky Preppy Girl Meets World reader. 
Vintage Green Glass Jewels with Pink Enamel Earrings- $18

Have I mentioned how much I hate that I can't win my own giveaways?

This giveaway will close on Wednesday, March 21st at midnight EST so that Rachel has enough time to get the earrings to the lucky recipient before Easter or Passover. Please enter using the form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, March 12, 2012


When I got married, I acquired my Nana's silver serving pieces. Being that my Nana has Alzheimer's and Dementia and doesn't entertain (or remember that she had silver to begin with), let's just say no one in my family knows when the last time that they were polished is. They are beautiful pieces but definitely need some work. I'm hosting a Seder at our house next month and would really like to use them. Can any of you recommend how to clean and polish them and get them looking all nice again? What products do I need to get? Thanks in advance.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing March Sponsors

This year, I have decided to open my blog up to sponsors.Below are my sponsors for the month of February. Please read about them. Some of them are doing specials discounts and offers for Preppy Girl Meets World readers.

1) Kimmie Schiffel, Independent Scentsy Consultant
The lovely Kimmie of Full Circle Adventures has joined the ranks to become a Scentsy consultant.


That is her furbaby Gabby pictured above. Kimmie loves candles but needed a more pet-friendly alternative to them when Gabby's poor little tail kept catching on fire. Since Scentsy warmer systems are flameless, they are safe for pets (and children!).

Currently, the March catalog is chock full of exciting new products and scents for the spring/summer! Wellington the Duck, is Scentsy's current Buddy of the Month and would look adorable in someone's Easter gift basket!
Normally $25, on sale this month for $22.50.
In addition, Sunlit Morning is the Scent of the Month. Any products in this scent are 10% off through the end of March.

There are several new warmers and scents out that I cannot wait to try, but this is the item that I am the most excited about.
Heartfelt Full Size Premium Warmer- $35

As many of you reading this post know, I have heart disease and have had two surgeries in my lifetime. The warmer pictured above is a charity warmer with $5 from the sale of every warmer going to the American Heart Association. As most of you can imagine, this is a cause that is very near and dear to my family's hearts. (Cheesy pun not intended.)

Kimmie is generously offering Preppy Girl Meets World readers an amazing special for March.

I am hosting an online party with her and 20% of the sales from my party for anything- not just the Heartfelt warmer- will be donated to the American Heart Association.

2) Sweet Tea Paperie
Sweet Tea Paperie is an amazing stationery and gift shop that carries so many fun items.

It's hard to pick what is your favorite product from Sweet Tea Paperie since they have so many wonderful products at all price points.
Acrylic Catchall Tray- $19
This tray is currently on my wish list. I would love to get it to keep my daily jewelry like my Hermes bracelet in.

Obviously, the one thing I do not have enough of is monogrammed totes. Picture my husband groaning as I write this. If you are like me and seem to always have too many yet never enough tote bags, add this to your collection.
grommet shopper tote- $39
Monogrammed hats are a new product that Sweet Tea Paperie has started to offer.
monogrammed striped floppy hat- $32
These would be so fun for a beach vacation or the Derby.
Be sure to be on the lookout for a special giveaway from Sweet Tea Paperie!

3) Monogrammed Everything
As the name implies, this store is pretty much my idea of heaven! Monogrammed Everything has so many great items that would make great gifts for brides, babies, and everyone in between!

If you are going on Spring Break and still need a beach towel to take with you, don't worry, Monogrammed Everything has you covered. And they're on sale to boot!

solid beach towels- regularly $27.99, on sale for $24.99
striped beach towels- regularly $31.99, on sale for $23.99
polka dotted beach towels- regularly $27.99, on sale for $22.99
The monogrammed clogs are an incredibly popular item and with 18 clog colors, 20 thread colors, and the options to add a high heel or painted heel, the options are pretty much endless and you will be sure that your clogs will be unique!

For the month of March, Monogrammed Everything is generously offering Preppy Girl Meets World readers $10 off the purchase of any clogs. To take advantage of this offer, use coupon code CLOGS10 at checkout.

4) Danielle Stage, Stella & Dot Consultant

Stella & Dot is a fun jewelry company. They have so many cute, preppy jewelry pieces at great price points. To me, the jewelry just screams party and fun. One of my all time favorite Stella & Dot pieces are these gorgeous starfish earrings. I have been wanting them for years now and this month they are on sale for 25% off.
starfish earrings- regularly $34, on sale this month for $25.50
I took it as a sign, and they are en route to my house now.

This gorgeous bangle would look beautiful alone or in a stack with other bracelets and would be so cute with a Lilly dress.
sunset bangle- $69
Stella & Dot also makes a jewelry line for little girls.
Kristin pearl bracelet- $16
Pearls and a ladybug? Some ASA needs to buy this for her little legacy immediately!
Stay tuned for a fun giveaway from Danielle Stage and Stella & Dot.

5) Alter Designs
Alter Designs is an Etsy shop which is best known for Gretchen's adorable state charm necklaces. I used to have the New York State one until it got left behind in a hotel somewhere by accident. Sad. It was adorable.
state necklace- available in silver or gold- $28
You can combine several different charms on a single chain to represent states where you've lived or went to school. You can also add an initial charm to one.

My personal favorite item though is this Sweetheart necklace with the adorable coin pearl.
sweetheart necklace- $24

6) Troop Paws

TroopPaws is a company that makes stuffed puppies out of military uniform fabrics. These puppies have a clear pocket on the front so that you can put in the picture of a loved one. These would be cute to give to a child or loved one while the service member is deployed. Below is the Air Force puppy. Obviously, we are partial to that one.

The stuffed animals are made in America. Proceeds from the sale of the TroopPaws go to the Folds of Honor Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity that works to provide scholarships and other assistance to the families of service members that are injured or killed.

The TroopPaws normally cost $29.99, but the company is offering Preppy Girl Meets World readers a discount. If you go through this link and click on the individual dog's picture instead of the buy now button, they will be $24.99.

7) Melynda Lemaire, Initials Inc. Creative Partner
Initials Inc. is a direct sales company that celebrates women's uniqueness with bags and many other personalized items. Unlike other brands out there, Initials Inc. never charges you extra to personalize an item.

They have so many wonderful products for both your home and personal life. My favorites are:
Take Along Caddy- $25
Perfect for organizing random things around your house or taking to the grocery store or on errands.
All Weather Blanket- $38
Awesome for picnics, going to the beach, or other outdoor events.
picnic tote $110

My wishlist item right now: includes everything for a complete picnic for four including fabric napkins, plates, utensils, wine glasses, a corkscrew, and salt and pepper shakers.

For the month of March, Initials Inc. is offering 50% of the G&G Gear Sports or Travel Duffle with a $35 purchase.

In addition to this wonderful special, Melynda is also offering all Preppy Girl Meets World readers 10% off their purchases. To take advantage of this great special- check out the selection from Initials Inc. then email Melynda at melynda.lemaire @ and say that you are making a purchase from the Preppy Girl Meets World party and she will adjust the total for you.

8) Silver Lining Decor
Silver Lining Decor is a gorgeous Etsy shop that features the most beautiful vintage jewelry that has been revamped and given a new life. Rachel, the shop's owner has a background in interior design and says that "I really love the idea of using a piece of jewelry one woman wore and cherished many years ago, and turning it into that special piece that the modern girl can love and wear today."

All of her pieces are bright, and springy/summery, and would look great with a Lilly dress or a cute sundress in my opinion. You really cannot pick just one favorite item from her shop. Try it, I dare you. You can't. Prices range from $8 for a cute pair of bow earrings

to $89 for a stunning vintage necklace with enamel flower.
Since I wear a lot of solid color tops, I would love to get a necklace like this to dress an outfit up and not keep it looking boring.
Vintage Aqua Necklace with Orange Enamel Flower- $46
Stay tuned for a fun giveaway from Silver Lining Decor just in time for Easter!

Thank you to all of my sponsors for their support of Preppy Girl Meets World and wonderful offers for my readers. If you are interested in being a blog sponsor for a future month or would like to know more about it, please email me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail{.}com for more information.