Sunday, March 30, 2014

On Mommyblogging

One of my guy friends and I were jokingly discussing what I should name my hypothetical mommy blog in case Terry and I ever decide to spawn. (I am NOT, I repeat NOT pregnant. No sirree.) Here is the list of what we came up with:
*Drunk and Diapers
*Kegstands and Kindergarten
*Liquor and Lollipops
*Shots and Strollers
*Whiskey and Wipes
*Guinness and Gerber
*Baileys and Babywearing
*Corona and Cooties
*Tequila and Toddlers
*Moonshine and Moby Wipes
*Patron and Play Dates
*Daiquiris and Day Care
*Pinot and Placentas
*Fosters and Fetuses
*Cuba Libres and C Sections
*Singapore Slings and Special Snowflakes
*Pilsner and Preschool
That last one was Terry's suggestion. Clearly aspiring for a Nobel Prize in parenting is a family affair over here.

So there is my list folks. I am saving it so the next time someone in either one of our families or an annoying friend asks when we are going to start making babies because oh, we would make such! great! parents!, I can direct their attention to exhibit A. Feel free to borrow this list if you have annoying relatives of your own that you need to quiet down (but please don't steal the names for an actual blog title! Just in case I do need them in the future...) and feel free to add in any ideas of your own in the comments. (I thought about Absinthe and Attachment Parenting but felt that it lacked a certain je ne sais quoi.)

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Badge Day

Today is the NPC International Badge Day. Sorority women all over the world are wearing their badges in a show of pride and unity. I love this tradition but for the past few years that we have been living in Germany, I did not wear my badge and just wore letters instead for Badge Day. Today I had to dress up because of work, so I wore my badge (above my name tag, obviously).

I love my badge and what it means. I love that Alpha Sigma Alpha has provided me with so many opportunities and happy memories. I love that I met some of my closest friends and one of my bridesmaids because of my membership in Alpha Sigma Alpha. (It turns out that one of my friends in Germany who has since moved back to the States is also an ASA!)

When I was a chapter advisor, I would wear my badge to every Monday night chapter meeting. I knew that when I got married, I wanted to wear my badge on the inside of my dress. Unfortunately, in between all of the commuting that I did, my original badge was lost to the great jewelry box in the sky. While we were in the midst of wedding planning, I had posted on facebook asking if any of my sisters had a pearl badge that I could use as my something borrowed for the wedding. A few weeks later I received a package from a dear sister who is now on our National Council with a note that said "Why borrow when you can have something old? Consider this an early wedding gift." I was blown away by her act of kindness and generosity, and three years later, still am.
It is one of my most favorite pieces of jewelry and I felt so happy and proud wearing it today. It is too pretty to sit inside my jewelry box. One of my goals is to get a charm to put my badge on so that I can wear it as a necklace.

To all of the Alpha Sigma Alphas who have touched my heart- your love, friendship, and sisterhood means more to me than I could ever put into words. ALAM.

If you are in a sorority, did you wear your badge today?