Saturday, May 29, 2010

oy gevalt

[Phone]: ring ring
[MRM]: hello
[Mom]: Hey it's me. Just wanted to let you know that your dad and I have tickets to the ballet tonight so don't call us because my phone will be off.
[MRM]: That's ok. I wasn't planning on calling you guys tonight. Have fun at the ballet.
[Mom]: Why not? Don't you want to talk to your mother? What if I had something important to tell you?
[MRM]: You just told me not to call.
[Mom]: Since when do you listen to me?

End scene.

the one in which MRM talks about food yet again

It's no secret that I love food and that I particularly have a sweet tooth. Thursday, I went out for Thai food with a dear friend and she surprised me with three cookies from Ruby et Violette warning me that I was about to become addicted. At first bite, I was hooked.

Ruby et Violette is a company that specializes in gourmet cookies. In total, they have about 120 different varieties in their arsenal! I tried the German chocolate, Peanut Butter Chip, and caramel popcorn ones. I was so deliriously happy from them, that yesterday, I decided to stop by their cafe to pick some up.

It's currently Fleet Week in NYC and the city has gone military crazy. They had a chalkboard outside their door offering a discount to men and women in uniform. It got better when I got inside, because it turned out that not only do they ship to APO addresses, but they also offer a 50% discount on orders shipped to overseas bases! Anyone who has ever been stationed overseas or attempted to ship anything over there knows the joys of finding out that no yummy food companies will ship to APO addresses. Crumbs Bake Shop, I'm looking at you.

I got so excited upon hearing this, that I immediately ordered TLS a dozen as a welcome to Germany gift. Two of each- Peanut Butter Chip, German Chocolate, Peach Cobbler, Candy Jar, Primal Seduction, and I cannot for the life of me remember the sixth flavor. They will ship out on Tuesday via priority mail and I cannot wait to hear about them and how they arrived.

If you are stationed overseas and want a delicious treat, you cannot go wrong with these. They also make great hostess gifts. (Orders to APO addresses cannot be placed via the website and have to be called in to 718.728.6250.)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Say Yes to the Dress?

Anyone who's been following my blog and twitter long enough knows that I have a slight obsession when it comes to wedding shows, particularly Say Yes to the Dress. When it came time for me to go dress shopping, there was no question that Kleinfeld would be THE place for me to buy my dress. I made an appointment to go a week from This coming Tuesday, and got an email asking me if I want to be on the show.

On the one hand, I am completely giddy over the fact that one of my favorite shows wants little old me to be a part of it. Also, while you don't officially get anything as compensation for being on the show, you are definitely likely to get treated a lot better and maybe get a slight discount on your dress for being a part of the show.

On the other hand, I am an only child and an only grandchild. I am also the first person in my family to have a traditional wedding. This means that this day is a big deal to my family. My Nana has been saving up to buy my dress for me for years. As a result of this, I completely understand that my wedding dress budget is higher than that of the average bride in the U.S. currently getting married. I am not sure how comfortable I am going on national television and talking about money and how much my dress cost, especially in an economic period when people are losing their jobs left and right.

I'm still excited that they asked me for the show and I don't know what to do. All of my friends think that this is like the coolest thing ever and I absolutely have to go on it.

So bloggers, I have to ask, if you were in my shoes, what would you do?
Should I Say Yes to the Dress?

ETA: After mulling it over and watching two more episodes of the show this morning, I decided to turn it down. I am a private person and am not comfortable having both my and TLS's full names used on the show. Plus, a lot of the friends and families are made to look crazy on the show. I understand that it's just editing. It's one thing if a tv show editor wants to make me look like bridezilla, but it is not fair to have my family and friends painted in a negative light on national television.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Greetings from New York City

As I started to slowly make lame attempts at packing my apartment (real progress here folks) I realized that while I've offered to send readers postcards from my longer trips (England and Turkey), I have never actually sent any postcards from where I live. So now it's time to rectify that. If you would like a postcard, email me your address to whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com and I will send you one. Also I am in the process of figuring out just how many moving announcements I will need. Please let me know if you would like one so I'll know how many to order.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Swap Partners: Favorite Things Swap

Below is the list of partners for this swap. Please contact your partner for all pertinent info. Be sure to post pictures of what you get! :)

Me (whaleflipflops at gmail dot com)- WithaBigRedBow (withabigredbow at gmail dot com)
aeb (don't have an email address)- Jeannie (jeanfitz at eden dot rutgers dot edu)
Chani (chaniwiesman at gmail dot com)- Adrienne (adriennepomeroy at gmail dot com)
KMH (kristinmhuben at gmail dot com)- Paige (harrisonpaige88 at gmail dot com)
Holly (blondeonaboat at gmail dot com- sahahn (don't have email address)
ATLYankeeBelle (actressl2 at gmail dot com)- Miss Mal (don't have email address)
Lawfully Preppy (don't have email address)- Natalie (nataliecbrewster at gmail dot com)

Booty Pop

Last night, my friend TLD and I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to look for a shower curtain and update my registry. One of the things I love about Bed, Bath, and Beyond is how they sell all of the As Seen on TV products, a lot of stuff you never knew existed, and some stuff you never knew you always wanted.

As we were walking towards crystal and fine China, we spotted the latest celebrity darling underwear. Booty Pop panties. These As Seen on TV panties promise to take your kaboose from Zzzzzzzzzzzzz to WOW! just by putting on underwear. How do they do that? you may ask. Well picture an A cup bra that's been padded to make the wearer look like a C cup. Now strap that bra around your waist with the cups at the back.  Sound ridiculous? Just you wait. It gets better. There is a glittery heart logo at the front, and ruching along the back seam. Naturally.
According to their website, Kelly Ripa considers life not worth living without these.

No amount of snark I write will ever do these justice, but if you're looking for some good laughs with friends, get your rear end (pun not intended) over to a Bed, Bath, and Beyond ASAP! (Please note, I am not actually advocating buying this product.)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

365 days to go!

Todays marks exactly 365 to our wedding! I am so excited and happy and cannot wait to begin TLS's and my lives together. Since I realized I have not yet discussed our wedding on my blog, I wanted to use this entry to share some wedding things with you.

We got our first choice venue and will be getting married at the Battery Gardens down in Battery Park in Manhattan on Sunday, May 2011. (Traditionally, Jewish weddings are not held on Saturdays.) Our first date was on May 23, 2009 so we wanted to get married as close to May 23rd as possible.

From the moment that I walked into the Battery Gardens, I fell in love with it. It was, in my opinion perfect. Lots of windows and no unfortunate looking gold angels, mirrors, or 10 feet tall crystal chandeliers. Just lots of white decor and windows with gorgeous views. Both the ceremony and reception take place upstairs which has two terraces that overlook Battery Park, the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island. Gorgeous. The cocktail hour takes place on the first floor of the restaurant. It has French doors that open up into a patio garden with a bar and lanterns hanging from the trees. Again. Just perfect in my eyes.

Unfortunately, the Battery Gardens website does not allow me to save and post pictures here, but here are some that I was able to pull from Google and wedding sites.
View of the garden from the terrace.
The restaurant from outside with Manhattan behind it.
The downstairs area where the cocktail hour will be.
The garden again. I love those lanterns.

Just doing this post has made me even more excited than I already was. I cannot wait until I have even more wedding details to share with all of you!

Friday, May 21, 2010

It's Time for the Return of Favorite Things Friday

Hello hello bloggers. I have finally been able to reinstate Favorite Things Fridays. KMH, you can breathe a big sigh of relief now. This week's favorite things is devoted to one of my favorite brands of all time, Vineyard Vines.

It's no secret that I have a huge soft spot in my heart for the Vineyard Vines whale. While this shirt is technically from the mens section, I don't care, I have to have it anyway.
TLS hates this shirt for all the reasons that I love it. It would look awesome with a white polo underneath it. Long Sleeve VV Sleeve T Shirt, $32.

The shirt I hope to be sporting come 4th of July, Whale Flag Turtle Bay Tee, $38.

Are you tired of looking at whales yet?
Preppy Whale Turtle Bay Tee, $42

I love Vineyard Vines flip flops and these two need to call my closet their home.
Little Palm Patchwork Flip Flops, $39.50.
New York Yankee Flip Flops, $39.50.
Once again, these are from the mens section, but again, I don't really care. This combines two of my favorite things and would be perfect for a game!

Love this Schooner dress, $125. It would be perfect for a warm summer day or to wear out to dinner.
How great is this Halsey Shirt, $98.50? I absolutely love the sleeves and the relaxed, dressy without trying too hard feel of it.

Ok ladies, that's all for this week. Don't forget to sign up for my swap if you haven't already!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Military Bride

It's no secret that I am a very sarcastic person. I enjoy sarcasm and relish in it greatly. One of my favorite websites back in the day was a blog that was devoted to mocking the truly horrendous wedding dresses out there. It brought a tear to my eye when I discovered that it ceased to exist. Last week, after looking around the AAFES site, TLS informed me that there is a store called Military Bride. Its mission is to provide high-end wedding gowns to brides in the military community for around 70% off the retail price. Thinking "oh this can't be good" I went over there and what followed next was nothing but sheer hilarity. Whenever I have a down moment, I go over there and it warms my heart just a little. Since every girl could use some laughter in her day, I want to share the love. So ladies, I present you with the Shelby.

Happy Thursday.

Favorite Things Swap

Since I love swaps, I have decided to host another one for spring. This will be a "favorite things" swap. Send your partner some of your favorite things that you simply absolutely cannot live without, and she will send you the same. Within reason. If you love to bake but your partner only uses her oven to keep sweaters in, don't send her scone mixes. The spending minimum for this will be $35. If you are interested in participating, leave a comment on this post by Saturday. I will pair up partners and post a list on Sunday. Packages should be mailed out by June 19th. Currently, my blog does not allow anonymous comments. If you would like to participate but don't have a blogspot username, please email me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com and I will pair you with a partner. :)

ETA: Please leave your email address in the comment so that your partner can have a way of contacting you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Wordless Wednesday- The Fearless Adventures of a Beagle in First Class

Lilly Pulitzer Warehouse Sale

I have been looking forward to this sale ever since I went to the fall one with Preppy Coastee. I had a blast and scored some great items, including a dress for $10! (For anyone interested in what I bought, here is the post with my finds at last year's sale.) In my opinion, this is a very important sale and told TLS that I would not move to Germany until after the sale so that I would be able to go! Well the sale will be held from June 9th-12th and it looks like I will be moving on or around June 30th, so I got my wish. This also means that the Warehouse Sale will be one of my last hurrahs in the United States. I would love to meet some bloggers and celebrate in style, so if you are planning on attending and would like to do a blogger meetup or just want to meet up for drinks on our own, please let me know!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Shop MRM's closet!

So as you all know, I am currently in the process of packing my life away into boxes and cleaning out my closet. One former habit that I am very much trying to break is buying things, keeping the tags on them, and then never actually wearing them. I am listing a lot of things that are in great or new condition on my other blog to help 1) cut down on the sheer amount of stuff I have to take to Germany with me, and 2) raise money to help pay the cost of moving all of my stuff to Germany. It is very appropriately titled Help Me Pay for My Move. Please check it out. I of course combine shipping and will be listing more stuff on it all this month!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

You know you have a problem when...

After having your computer for only a week, you go to Youtube, and it already autosuggests Taylor Swift videos for you.

The sushi delivery guy runs into you in the street and asks how your life is going.

You get a call from Chase Fraud Alerts making sure that all those Starbucks charges really are yours and are not a card error.

You go into Lilly Pulitzer where the manager and sales associate know you by name and ask you how your engagement party went.

You're on a first name basis with the cashier at Crumbs and she lets you know when she's switching to a different location so you can come visit her.

You have a rewards card to a department store in another country that you only go to a few times a year and they send you a letter saying you have £45 in rewards dollars to spend there. 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer on Rue La La

If you are not yet familiar with Rue La La, it is a private sample sale site where companies hold sample sales for 48-72 hours at a time. The sales all start at 11am EST and are first come, first served. Tomorrow, there is a Lilly Pulitzer sample sale on Rue La La. As Murphy's Law would have it, tomorrow I will be spending all day out with my wedding planner looking at ceremony and reception sites, the first appointment being at 11am. I have TLS standing by on Lilly duty, in case something that I simply cannot live without comes on. The last time Lilly had a sale, I logged on late from Paris but still managed to score a great pink and green dress and a pink cardigan. I am hoping to at least be able to stock up on a few more Lilly polos tomorrow before the big move! You must be a member to access the sale. If you are not yet a member, you can click here to join. Happy shopping.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Ebates those of you who haven't heard me rave about Ebates before, I have to tell you about it. It is an online shopping site. Companies sign up with it and you get a certain percentage of cash back from your purchase by going to the company's website through ebates rather than the retailer's website directly. Every three months, ebates sends you a check for all of the cash back that you earned.

This year, they are turning 11 years old. To celebrate, quite a number of stores have signed up to increase the amount of their cash back to 11%. This includes Sephora, Vera Bradley, GAP, Old Navy, Ann Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Bobbi Brown, and more. Ladies start your credit cards! You can use all of your shopping to get a great pair of shoes for free. Or buy the shoes now and get the matching purse with your Big Fat Check.

If you are not already an Ebates member, click on the link in this post to sign up. You can get an additional $5 or a $10 gift card to Bloomingdales, OfficeMax, ProFlowers, Red Envelope, or I have been an ebates member for a few years now and have made several hundred dollars in cash back from them so I know that it's legit.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

I believe

In 11:11 wishes.

That you are never too old to need a hug from your mommy.

That a teddy bear can be the best friend a girl could ever ask for.

In clapping on a flight when the plane ends.

That some bad days can be made better by a delicious hamburger or cupcake.

That few things are sadder than an empty mailbox.

That Snoopy and Woodstock are the ultimate definition of what friendship is.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Stella & Dot!

You're invited to be delighted
If you haven't met Stella & Dot...
here's your chance.
We are hosting an on line trunk show
Shop this event by going to
in the top right corner you will see a link
"can't attend the party~find your hostess"
Choose that link than type in
Preppy Girl
Shop around through the spring/summer collection, our new little girls collection, see how to wear the jewelry and just have fun.
All orders will ship right to your home within a few days of your purchase.
If you have any questions please give me a call...
Julie Stevenson
318.377.4722 office

This month, I am hosting a Stella & Dot trunk show on my blog. I love Stella & Dot jewelry because it is fun, good quality, and reasonably priced. I was first introduced to Stella & Dot at a Shecky's Girls Night Out event and after spending hours on their site salivating over several pieces, I have decided to finally do something about it.

Here are the pieces that I am planning on making mine this month:
Starfish Earrings, $34
Mira Stone Stud Earrings, $34
Pearl Soiree Pave Bracelet, $29
Pearl and Leather Bracelet, $34

Since I love starfish so much and have posted the starfish earrings on my blog before, I have decided to give away one pair to a reader as well. You can get one entry for each item you buy from the show. (If you buy 1 item, you get one entry, 2 items= 2 entries, etc.) I will pick a winner after the show has closed on Tuesday, June 1st.

Happy shopping and be sure to share all of your buys with us!

Thursday, May 6, 2010


This is my first post ever from my NEW netbook! I have only had it for a day and I am already obsessed with it and cannot imagine my life without it. I am so happy that I can now read other blogs again and can post pictures on here again! My blogroll got erased when I got my makeover and I promised myself that one day, I would sit down and redo it. Another day. Maybe the day after tomorrow. Or the day after that. Well folks, the day has come. My project for this weekend in between dance classes, a meeting with the wedding planner, shopping, and brunches is to recreate my blogroll. I cannot remember all of the blogs I follow try as hard as I could, so if you would like me to add your blog, please leave a comment on here (with your blog URL if possible). I promise regular blogging will resume tomorrow. I am no longer going to have a separate list of NYC blogs since I am moving in 2 months (::sniff::) but if you are a military member or military wife and would like to be added to my blogroll, also post that in your comment.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Reality TV rant

I have a love/hate relationship with reality tv. On the one hand, it can be entertaining as all heck and complements some Chubby Hubby and a glass of Chardonnay so beautifully when you're having a bad day. On the other hand, it can be painful to watch knowing that such people exist in our society and gene pool and to see people ruin their potential careers and futures for a few thousand dollars, an invitation to THE hot party, and a blurb in People magazine. I used to watch The Real World back when it was still good and dealt with real people having issues. (Does anyone remember Mormon Julie getting kicked out of BYU for appearing on the show?) Lately it seems that the formula for just about half the reality shows out there is to throw a bunch of strangers into a house and see who comes out with the least sexually transmitted diseases after 8 weeks. (I have to say that my faith in humanity was restored a bit when Fear Factor finally got cancelled.)

With this said, I do have to say that I have been a fan of The Real Housewives shows since season 1 of the OC. I love the mixture of fakeness, bling, lack of parenting skills, Lois Vuitton bags, plastic surgery, and occasionally even real human emotion. (In my opinion, it took a lot of heart for Jacqueline from New Jersey to talk openly about her struggles to conceive.) One thing that is starting to annoy me with these shows is Bravo's blatant overuse of the word "economy." Yea, I get it- no one's financial situation is particularly great and we kind of owe a thank you card to Greece and Iceland for making us look good, but come on now. Economy is not the new black. You do not have to have every housewife use the word at least five times before the season ends. I get that Bravo is trying to make them seem more relatable to middle America, but enough already. How relatable can you really be when you are getting paid a few grand per episode, are griping about having to sell one of your houses while toting ann LV/Hermes bag, and wearing about 10-15K worth of diamonds? People don't watch these shows to relate to plastic surgery ridden women with 3 kids and two nannies, they watch to mock and be entertained by them.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Can you call yourself a blogger if you don't ever blog?

After a brief but unintentional hiatus, I am back to blogging at full speed! I apologize for any distress that my lack of blogging may have caused any of you. What? You mean you weren't crying yourself to sleep over my lack of posts? Well fine then! Thankfully, TLS was able to make it out of England with only a 48 hour
delay. My advice to any of you who ever agree to spend five straight days with the future in-laws: ALCOHOL. If you think you have enough in your suitcase to supply the Kappa Sigs' Around the World Party, bring an additional flask.

TLS and I had our engagement party on Tuesday night and my mother used the same principle when it came to buying alcohol for the party. We are still drinking leftovers. And will be until the day our potential offspring graduates from med school. I had a blast catching up with all of my girlfriends and it was great for TLS to finally meet them! For those of you who saw that I alluded to it on Twitter last night, TLS and I went down to City Hall and got married. We had spent the night before in a Manhattan hotel and neither of us remembered to pack toothpaste, so we ended up chewing like a pack of gum each. I also ended up wearing the same shirt from the day before. After the romantic 60 second ceremony, my new husband, my ASA little sister, and I walked to our lovely gourmet reception luncheon at the Golden Arches. This is truly the day that every little girl dreams about, and on April 27th, 2010 it became mine. On Thursday, I get to spend the day at an Army Post here in Brooklyn getting added as TLS's dependent. We are not considering ourselves married until we have the religious wedding next year, and I am referring to him as my fiancé, not my husband, but it is a wonderful feeling knowing that we are one step closer to me being put on his orders and us being together in Germany. Because we are now legally married, when he flew out last night, I was able to get a gate pass to go through security instead of having to say our goodbyes before security. It was great having more time, but it made goodbye that much harder. I made sure he was one of the last people to board the plane, and stood there with my nose pressed to the glass watching his plane until it took off. When it finally did, I sat alone at the gate and cried. TLS will probably be moving sometime around Memorial Day and I may not make it to Germany until late June-July so we can potentially not see each other for another 2.5 months. Sniff.

Since I don't want to turn my blog into a pity party and end on a sad note, here are some things I'm looking forward to this month:
*Salsa dancing lessons. My mommy aigned me up for May and I'm hoping this will help out with the Wedding Dress Diet. Moreso than the Cheetos I'm currently eating are.
*Attending the Opening Gala of the ABT with my mommy.
*TLS got me a new netbook and it is being delivered this week! I can finally post pictures from my blog. Expect the return of Wordless Wednesday, Favorite Things Friday, and the adventures of a beagle in First Class.
*Getting health insurance again. (COBRA would have been around $600/month for me, so I opted not to get it.)
*A fabulous giveaway, once I figure out what that will be. (A note to any retailers who read my blog, I may not be able to host my own giveaways for logistic reasons in May-July, so if you would like to sponsor a giveaway on my blog, please email me. I have a few giveaways lined up for my birthday month again, but am still waiting for a few more.)
*Meeting with the wedding planner and getting the ball rolling!