Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaack

Thank you to everyone for your sweet messages and well-wishes. I am finally back in Germany. I arrived here yesterday and let me tell you that I now know exactly why they say that you're not supposed to fly with a sinus infection. Ouch. Painful. I had to bring back the top layer of our wedding cake with me, and let me just say that I do not remember our cake being that heavy! (Says the girl who didn't lift her cake at all except to eat it. Tasty.) What also didn't help was the fact that my mother bought me a Zabar's cooler bag and 10 (!!!) ice packs. Thanks for that. In all fairness, I have to say that the cake did arrive surprisingly intact. The pretty sugar flowers at the top were no longer pretty and no longer flowers but considering this thing had been dragged lovingly carried through 3 different airports, I thought it looked pretty good. (For anyone who is about to ask, I am working on getting pictures up, and will post some on here eventually.) I can't wait to finally see the professional pictures.

After TLS flew back to Germany, my mother decided to take me to see a Broadway show. She must have missed me saying "I'm only interested in seeing a musical" about a 101 times because she got us tickets to a play. Born Yesterday with Jim Belushi. It got great reviews and was supposedly really funny, but for me it was summarized by my mother repeating the words "I need vodka" all throughout the first act and utter boredom on my part. At least I got Twizzlers during the second act to play with. (Yea, not the greatest theatrical masterpiece of my life.) All I could think was "when are they going to spontaneously break out into song and dance?" Seriously. I'm only interested in seeing musicals.

I'm sure I had more to say here, but I'm a bit medicated and my head feels like it's going to explode so I will sign off here. Just wanted to let y'all know that I am slowly catching up on my reader and haven't forgotten y'all.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday- Frazzled

Today marks the 11 day mark to our wedding. While this is a happy time in TLS's and my lives, blah blah, this is a time filled with lots of stress. Lots.

Here is my list of things NOT to say to a bride a week and a half before her wedding.

2) I want to sit with so and so...
I have been swamped with emails from people offering what they think are helpful tips on where they should sit. Except that they are not so helpful.

Exhibit A:
At my shower, two of my friends hit it off really well. They asked if they could sit together at my wedding. I knew that they had similar personalities and was planning on seating them at the same table. Not a problem whatsoever. Except, one of the girls kept on gchatting me trying to "remind me." When she did it again last week, I flat out told her, "I remembered the last 6 times you told me." She just laughed it off and said that she figured I would have forgotten with all of the wedding stress that I undoubtedly am having. How stressed out do you think I have to be to not remember the names of two of my friends?

Exhibit B:
My cousin emailed me asking if she could sit together with her fiance. Seriously. Where did she think I was going to seat him? With TLS's family?

Exhibit C:
A bit of a backstory here- my father had several close friends in college. They all stayed best friends and had children around the same time so the children are close as well. (One of the friends is my mother's cousin, which is actually how my parents met.)
Anyways, my cousin emailed me asking if she could sit together with her brother and her other parents' friends' children. Again, I was planning on seating them all together so not a problem. Now, here is where it gets interesting.

1) All of the "children" are fully grown. The youngest is 21. One of the children, EKB, is married and had her second child not to long ago. Another girl I was planning on putting at the table, JBK, was one of her bridesmaids. Well EKB was so rude to her re: wedding stuff and in general that now JBK refuses to sit with EKB. EKB wants to sit with her and my cousins.
2) JBK's late father's sister, her husband, their daughter, their daughter's husband, and their 21 year old daughter are coming to the wedding. JBK emailed me asking if she could sit with her aunt, uncle, and family at the wedding. It's not a problem except that she wants to sit with her 21 year old cousin also. Cousin has expressed to me that the last thing she wants to do at age 21 is sit with her parents and grandparents at the wedding. Argh.

3) The Reply By date was May 1st? When do you need to have my RSVP by?
May 1st. A friend who got married in January was complaining about how so many guests replied late and she had to track them down to get their RSVPs. Which is why I only got hers last night...

4) Can I ship my gift to your mother's house?
I'm not sure who this question annoys more- my mother or myself. My parents are fortunate to live in a 2 bedroom pre-war apartment, which means that their apartment is bigger than the average Manhattan apartment today. However, at the end of the day, it is still a  two-bedroom apartment. In between all of my stuff for living here for the month, various wedding stuff that has been arriving daily- our ketubah, our guest book, gifts for the bridal party, favors, etc. she is starting to feel like she's running a warehouse. She does not want to store any more stuff. I'm just concerned about schlepping gifts back to Germany. I brought an extra bag with me just in case, and I think TLS will have some room also, but I'm not sure how much.

5) This week I'm on a kosher, gluten-free, vegan, macrobiotic diet. 
That's nice.

6) Do you mind if instead of getting a hotel, I just crash at your parents' house the night before the wedding?
Two of my mothers' friends asked this. And I'm not sure how she kept her composure both times. Both friends are tenured professors (one at MIT and one at Tufts) and can afford a hotel for one night. The LAST thing she wants to have to deal with the night before/day of her only child's wedding is hosting guests and preparing brunches.

7) Are you excited for your wedding?
We've already been through this. Why ask the obvious? At my bachelorette party this weekend, we brainstormed snarky responses to this question. My favorite "no. I'm only getting married because my father owes a man a lot of money and this is his way of settling his debts."

Ending this post on a happier note. For all those of you who asked my second pair of wedding shoes for the reception, here they are:
Mopsy and Flopsy
Everyone tells you that you need two pairs of shoes for your wedding- the pretty pair for the ceremony, pictures, and the first dance, and then the comfortable pair for dancing the night away. Few things in this world are more comfortable (or cuter) than Mopsy and Flopsy. I thought my mother was going to have a heart attack when I told her I planned on wearing these under my wedding dress!

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's finally here

Oh. My. G-d.

In less than 48 hours, I will be Mrs. TLS. Right now, I should be packing up all of our things that we have to bring to the hotel tomorrow. And trust me, there are plenty. (TLS's uniform, our ketubah, bridal party gifts, out of town guest gift bags, guest book, glass for breaking, kiddush cup, and I could go on with this list for another hour or so.)

Instead I am sitting watching Four Weddings on TLC (even though I hate the premise of this show) and eating fruit salad. We had a bit of excitement today over at Casa MRM- my mother was going to get her nails done, as she stepped off the curb, a driver was rounding the corner at full speed, didn't see her, and hit her! In true mommy fashion, she waited until about 2-3 hours in the ER before calling me. Thankfully, Mama M got away with only a lot of bruises and scrapes but no broken bones or head injury. The witnesses who saw it happen said that they thought for sure she was going to go right away at the impact, so someone up there was definitely watching over her today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that. She is in a lot of pain and is having some difficulty moving. The doctors said that tomorrow will be the worst pain day for her tomorrow. She did make sure that everyone in the ER knew that her only daughter was getting married on Sunday and she needed the strongest painkillers under the sun to make sure that she could be there. She got 'em. Now, she is upset that she wasn't able to get her nails done and that she can't wear her original shoes that she got for the wedding. Thankfully, this is her biggest worry right now, and not something much, much worse.

Two more wedding related random posts:
1) A sweet friend decided to stop by my mommy's house and surprise me with a pre-wedding card and a fruit salad. Instantly brightened my whole day. Thank you so much Chani. I love you for this and many more reasons.
2) Also, why is it that every single girl who goes on Say Yes to the Dress starts off her monologue with "I'm ______ and I'm here at Kleinfeld to find my perfect wedding dress." You're in a wedding dress shop. What else would you be doing? Ordering the Big Mac special?

Back to packing.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

It's finally here

The day every little girl dreams about.

No, not the day that Santa leaves a miniature Shetland Pony under her tree. (I'm still waiting for that one. ::ahem::)

Even more exciting than that!

Bachelorette Party!!!
(can't you tell that I'm just a wee bit excited?)

Ridiculously early tomorrow morning (at an ungodly hour, really) I will be making my way to Chicago to party it up with my friends. Thank you to Delta for confirming my upgrade for this flight which means that I can start the day off with a Bloody Mary party in 1D.

Also, a shoutout to KMB's boyfriend J who very graciously (really without any choice in the matter) offered (got told) to leave their new apartment for the weekend so that it could be taken over by a bunch of girls and even more shoes. (Between my little and I alone- we're already in the double digits shoe count.)


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obligatory Shoe Post

With only 19 days left on the countdown (ack!) I just ordered a second pair of shoes my wedding! I'm going to change into them after the pictures and first dance for the rest of the evening. I love them so much and could not be more excited about them!

I'm going to make a little game out of it. Post your guess on here and whoever guesses correctly will win a prize. (Don't ask me what because I honestly have not a clue.) In the event that there are several correct guesses- I will use to pick a winner from those names.