Thursday, April 26, 2012

Never a Dull Moment

Those of you who follow my twitter or facebook have already heard this story, but for the rest of you, here is an explanation for my latest absence from the blogosphere.

Sunday night, T's back started to hurt and he didn't feel good. He hoped it was just a fluke and went to bed. His pain was so bad that he couldn't fall asleep and was in pain all day on Monday, complaining that it hurt to breathe. By the time he got home from work on Monday, he was pretty much gasping for air. When he tried to lie down, he was in too much pain to do so. I decided to take him to the ER, hoping that they would give him something for the pain so that he could sleep through the night. When we got there, all of this vital signs and chest X Ray were normal. I got the feeling that everyone there thought we were crazy for bringing him in. Just in case, someone decided to run a chest CT on him before discharging him. I owe everything to this person. When the doctor came back in to his room, we were expecting to leave, and instead he told us that the CT revealed a Pulmonary Embolism- blood clots in his lungs.

My husband is young, healthy, has no family history of this, and did not have any of the risk factors for it, so no one is sure how he even got it, but we are incredibly lucky that it was caught in time! He ended up being admitted to the hospital while they ran more tests. He was lucky enough to get a few naps here and there- for me it turned out to be a 36+ hour day. By the time his commander came to visit us, I had four cans of Coke Zero lined up next to me and was pretty much mainlining that stuff.

Thankfully, he is back home now. He has to give himself injections twice a day for the next two weeks and then will be on Coumadin for the next 6 months. He also needs to go get bloodwork done 2x a week now. :( He is still in pain unfortunately, and we are both drained from the experience and feel like we haven't slept at all even though that's not the case. We spent most of the day in bed yesterday just watching Once Upon a Time.

What I do know:

1) I am incredibly thankful to the person who decided to run the CT on him and discovered his clots.
2) I am incredibly thankful that I chose to take him to the ER in the middle of the night instead of waiting to waiting to make an appointment with his doctor in the morning. If he had waited, his doctor would not have ordered the CT scan.
3) I am grateful that his deployment got cancelled. Getting a PE while downrange would have been a lot more scary!
4) I believe that someone up there is watching out for my husband and I am very grateful to them for it.

Thank you to all of you who have reached out to me over the past few days with prayers, tweets, emails, etc. We both appreciate each and every one of them.

The past few days have been a blur for me and I am emotionally drained from them.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five- Lilly Pulitzer and ASA

Last week, I about squealed when I logged on to the Lilly Pulitzer site. I knew that my beloved Briar skirt was going to come out on the 10th, but I did not expect to see ladybugs galore. I squealed and squealed and squealed and my husband ran and hid his credit card. Le sigh. While we may still not have our own Lilly print (not that I'm bitter or anything), this second best is pretty darn awesome. I'll take it.

Today's Friday Five is dedicated to two things that I love dearly- Lilly Pulitzer and Alpha Sigma Alpha. Sisters, if y'all are lucky enough to go to Convention this summer, wear one of these please in honor of me.

1) Blossom Dress- $228

Seersucker with Embroidered Ladybugs- Swoon
2) Briar Skirt- $98

My world will pretty much end if I don't get this one ASAP.
3) Felicity Dress- $178

Cute but strapless is not my style so I'll stick with the skirt.
4) Spring Garden Bracelet- $58

My birthday is in July. ;)
5) Belline Dress in Doodle Bug Daisy- $158

While not as noticeable, this dress does have adorable little green ladybugs on it.
close up of the print

 What are your weekend plans? Anything fun?

p.s. This is my first post using the new blogger layout. I don't care for it at all.
p.p.s. Today's TLS's squadron had their Chili Cook off and I won third place. :)
p.p.p.s. Today marks T's 8 year anniversary in the Air Force. Congratulations honey, I'm so proud of you.
p.p.p.p.s. Don't forget to enter my giveaway with the Bellevue Collection if you haven't already.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


On Sunday, April 1st, TLS and I went to Strasbourg, France for the day. We needed to do our Passover shopping, and since shockingly enough, there aren't many kosher stores in Germany, whenever we need specific products, we drive to France for them.

Strasbourg is in the Alsace region of France and is about a 1.5 hour drive from our house. We love going there for day trips and have been there several times already. We parked our car, did our shopping in the Jewish area, and then drove to the main area by the Cathedral. My husband immediately noticed this street sign:
try saying THAT three times fast!

The Strasbourg Cathedral is famous for its Astronomical Clock, which is absolutely stunning. We decided to go see it again since we were in town. Being the token Jews that we are, it completely went right over our heads that it was Palm Sunday. Woops.

Thankfully, since we are far from being morning people, by the time we actually ate lunch and made it over to the Cathedral, Mass had long since ended. I should also mention that going to the Cathedral was a spur of the moment decision, so I did not bring my camera with me. What follows is a series of semi-blurry iphone pictures. (The Cathedral has a gorgeous Rose Window, but after around 10 blurry attempts, I just gave up on photographing it.)
The view of the Cathedral from the street
the most I could get of all of the clock in one single shot
a slightly better view
some of the clock's details
Since it was a gorgeous day outside, yours truly had the brilliant idea to climb to the top of the Cathedral for the viewing platform. The fact that admission to the viewing platform is free on the first Sunday of each month only made it seem like an even better idea. It was only a 66 meter hike to the top! Piece of cake! Insert comment here about how I just had heart surgery less than a year ago and my cardiologist told me not to exercise. Since I wasn't in a gym, it obviously wasn't exercise right? WRONG!

Admission to the viewing platform is done in 30 minute intervals and is limited to 50 people at a time. TLS were numbers 1 and 2. The stairs to the top of the Cathedral are so narrow that there are actually two separate staircases: one to go up and one to go down. This meant that when I started having trouble breathing and my heart rate shot up on the stairs, there were 48 other people behind me that were trapped and had to wait for me to move. I'm sorry y'all. Really I am.

I was glad when we got to the top because at least the views were spectacular.

I had to take a picture when we got back down so that I could look back on it and say "I did that."
 We found a British mailbox by the garage where we parked. I thought it was random so I had to take a picture of that, obviously.
I call this shot I Went to the Royal Wedding and All I Got was this Lousy Mailbox

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bellevue Collection Giveaway

Have you heard about the Bellevue Collection? If not, then you must check it out! It is a Newport, RI based facebook-only jewelry company. They carry a lot of the same pieces as other preppy jewelry retailers out there, but offer it at prices that are closer to the items' wholesale value and are much more budget-friendly! The way the sales work is that every Monday and Wednesday, at 8:00pm EST, Bellevue Collection puts out an album of their flash sale pieces for that day The photos of each item list the price as well as quantity available. If you see something that you like, you comment with "SOLD" and your email address. If you are quick enough, you will be the lucky winner and will get invoiced that same day through Google Checkout. While I can't speak for their Stateside shipping since I live overseas, I will tell you that today I received the order that I placed on Wednesday!

This is all of my loot from just one sale:
It was like Hannukah and my birthday all rolled into one when I received my package today!

And here are some of my favorite pieces from tonight's sale:
necklace- $19 (I bought this one!)
necklace-$19, earrings to match- $15
Bellevue Collection has also started carrying the popular vinyl monogram necklaces with earrings to follow shortly (eagerly awaiting those!).
Please note- necklace only includes one charm- others are shown for color option only.
The monogrammed necklaces cost $38 for one, and $35 for each additional one, which again is a lot lower than other stores' prices. (Unlike the other jewelry pictured above, monogrammed necklaces cannot be purchased during a flash sale and have to be ordered by emailing

This week there will not be a flash sale on Wednesday, but there are still a few items left in today's sale, so head on over to Bellevue Collection and shop till you drop!

Bellevue Collection has generously offered one lucky Preppy Girl Meets World reader the opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate! Considering that I have not seen items cost more than $20 during their flash sales, you could get 3 gorgeous pieces of jewelry with that! Enter using the form below. I will pick a winner on Monday morning so the winner will have the opportunity to use her gift certificate at that day's flash sale. Good luck!

Friday, April 13, 2012

April Sponsors

Apologies for the late posting of this month's sponsors.Please welcome my sponsors for April 2012. Reade below all about them and their wonderful businesses. Some of them are offering special deals for Preppy Girl Meets World readers.

1) Kimmie Schiffel, Independent Scentsy Consultant
The lovely Kimmie of Full Circle Adventures has joined the ranks to become a Scentsy consultant.


That is her furbaby Gabby pictured above. Kimmie loves candles but needed a more pet-friendly alternative to them when Gabby's poor little tail kept catching on fire. Since Scentsy warmer systems are flameless, they are safe for pets (and children!).

Mother's Day may be in May, but April is all about Moms! Be sure to place your orders this month in order to have them in time to say thank you to the special women in your life. Our Mother's Day Warmer of the Month and Scent of the Month, Cerise, are 10% off all of April! Cerise is an embrace of cherry blossom, fresh plum, and soft white blooms warmed by golden vanilla. This is a must have for Spring!

Last month, Kimmie generously donated 20% of all the sales from my party to the American Heart Association in my name. I am very happy to say that thanks to her generosity and my friends' love of Scentsy, $50 was donated to the American Heart Association!

While I can't officially say if there is a special or not, I can say that in the past, Kimmie has loved surprising friends who order from my party with fun treats. :)

2) Alter Designs
Alter Designs is an Etsy shop which is best known for Gretchen's adorable state charm necklaces. I have the New York State one and love it.
state necklace- available in silver or gold- $28
You can combine several different charms on a single chain to represent states where you've lived or went to school. You can also add an initial charm to one. A military friend recently ordered a necklace with the state she grew up in gold and all of the States that her husband has been stationed in in silver.

In addition to the State Charm necklaces, Alter Designs offers other fun designs like these wedding bouquet initial charms ($28)

and these Silver Initial Cursive Necklaces ($28)

Currently, Gretchen is offering all Preppy Girl Meets World readers 10% off any item in her shop with code PGMWapril.

3) Melynda Lemaire, Initials Inc. Creative Partner
Initials Inc. is a direct sales company that celebrates women's uniqueness with bags and many other personalized items. Unlike other brands out there, Initials Inc. never charges you extra to personalize an item.

They have so many wonderful products for both your home and personal life. My favorites are:
The Dish- $28
Insulated and sized to hold a 9x13 casserole dish. Perfect for bringing food to friends, potlucks, and picnics!
All Weather Blanket- $38
Awesome for picnics, going to the beach, or other outdoor events.

I'm getting this to hold my ever-growing collection of headbands and hair accessories.
Squared Away- $25
For the month of April, Initials Inc. is offering 50% off any Simply Social piece with a $35 purchase (yes, this includes The Dish!).

In addition to this wonderful special, Melynda is also offering any Preppy Girl Meets World reader who books a show with her an extra $25 in hostess rewards credits. To take advantage of this, simply contact her at Melynda.Lemaire @

4) Silver Lining Decor
Silver Lining Decor is a gorgeous Etsy shop that features the most beautiful vintage jewelry that has been revamped and given a new life. Rachel, the shop's owner has a background in interior design and says that "I really love the idea of using a piece of jewelry one woman wore and cherished many years ago, and turning it into that special piece that the modern girl can love and wear today."

All of her pieces are bright, and springy/summery, and would look great with a Lilly dress or a cute sundress in my opinion. You really cannot pick just one favorite item from her shop. Try it, I dare you. You can't. Prices range from $8 for a cute pair of bow earrings

to $89 for a stunning vintage necklace with enamel flower.
Since I wear pearls pretty much daily, I am always on the lookout for cute pearl jewelry. This stunning necklace caught my eye immediately.
Pale Pink Rhinestone Flower Assymetrical Double Strand Necklace- $58
I would love to wear this with a pretty dress to a wedding or party.
5) Kustom Kissers
Kustom Kissers is a fun company that specializes in lip balms with custom labels. I have several of their lip balms with Preppy Girl Meets World labels on them and they are fantastic! The taste is great and they feel wonderful on. Like me, Heather, the company's founder, is a lip balm fanatic and decided that all natural lip balm was best. She then came up with the idea of making it pretty and letting people customize it.

The ingredients are: Soybean Oil, Sunflower Oil, Palm Oil, Olive Oil, Avadcado Oil, Beeswax, Shea Butter, Vitamin E, SPF 15

Aside from the taste, the other thing I love about Kustom Kissers is the fact that there is no minimum size to order. So you literally could order just one lip balm for yourself if you wanted to or as a sample!

Some great ideas for custom lip balm include gifts for parents or grandparents (or pet parents)

wedding or bridal shower favors
or using them in lieu of traditional business cards at conferences. (Heather used her lip balm as her business card at BlissDom.)

For the sorority collegians out there- you can even make up custom sorority lip balms and use them as bid day gifts for your new members!

Currently, Heather is generously offering all Preppy Girl Meets World readers 20% off their purchase of custom lip balm with code PGMW20.

6) Lemon & Line 
Lemon and Line a is a fairly new company on the preppy accessories scene. It was started because founder David spent his whole life growing up around boats and wanted to see a line of bracelets that was truly authentic to boating. The company offers several bracelets that are all made from boat sail ropes/cords, not to mention adorable to boot! All of the bracelets that Lemon & Line sells are made in Newport, RI.

I have several Lemon & Line bracelets and wear them constantly. They are great for stacking with other bracelets (I usually wear mine with my pink Hermes Clic H bracelet or my Tiffany bead bracelet) or can be worn on their own for a more casual look.

Lemon & Line is working hard to always come out with new designs and collections (including custom ones for schools and yacht clubs!).  Be sure to like them on facebook for fun contests and previews of their newest collections.

Thank you to all of my sponsors for their support of Preppy Girl Meets World and wonderful offers for my readers. If you are interested in being a blog sponsor for a future month or would like to know more about it, please email me at whaleflipflops {@} gmail{.}com for more information.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Shop for a Cause

If you are not new to this blog, then you know what a huge fan I am of Sweet Tea Paperie.They have the cutest items and their owner, Amanda, is one of the sweetest, nicest people that I have had the pleasure to "meet" through the blogosphere.

Here is one example of her kindness: this coming Thursday, April 12th, Sweet Tea Paperie will be hosting a charity trunk show to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of Jodi Dwyer who has been fighting MS and trying to raise awareness and funds for the cause (she herself blogs over at Jodi Bean's Blog).

If you are not in the Boston area, don't worry, you can still show your support to this wonderful cause. Sweet Tea Paperie is generously donating a whopping 25% from all of its online sales on Thursday to the Multiple Sclerosis Society! If you have had your eye on any items, or need any gifts for Mothers' Day or bridal showers, Thursday would be the perfect day to snap them up and do some good in the process!

Here are some fun items from Sweet Tea Paperie:

Acrylic Necklace Keeper- $52
Monogrammed Baseball Cap- $24
Chevron Pink, Navy, and Lime Foldover Notecards- $66
Bamboo Rings Navy Platter- $42
Grapefruit Soy Travel Tin Candle- $5

Be sure to shop Sweet Tea Paperie on Thursday and show Jodi some much-needed love!

If you're still reading, I'm still here

I'm back from an unplanned hiatus. I returned from Dublin to the wonderful news that our internet had been switched off for no reason, and after a week of fighting to get it back and several German holidays, it is finally back up! Can I just say that I was starting to go a little crazy without internet in my house?

I am currently working on uploading photos from Dublin and will hopefully post those soon.

Some things that have happened since then:
*Several more Bubble Tea shop visits (I told you I'm obsessed!)

*We hosted a Seder for four of our friends on Friday night. Despite the fact that I hate Passover food, it all was very tasty and a lot of fun and went off mainly without any problems except...

*Friday morning while I was cooking, I sliced my hand open on a pink Cuisinart mini food processor. (For anyone in the market for a new mini food processor, I can now attest to the fact that Cuisinart blades really are as sharp as they claim to be.) TLS took me to the ER but the wait was too long so I signed myself out. Fortunately, one of our Seder guests is a doctor at our ER so he came over a little earlier and stitched my hand up. It only took 2 stitches. I may have cried like a little baby. My pain threshold is pretty much nonexistant. I made TLS buy me Hello Kitty band aids for my stitches so I can now say that I have something in common with an Iron Chef. (Zakarian also uses Hello Kitty band aids on all of his kitchen accidents.)

*TLS's squadron is doing a Chili Cook Off on the 20th and I am determined to win. (Or at least place.) If you have an incredible chili recipe, can you please send it my way? I will be very grateful.

*Please tell me y'all watch GCB? I have watched every single episode so many times now that I can pretty much recite them verbatim. I nearly fell off my couch at the latest one when Blake and Cricket were talking about the pandas.

*Like I mentioned before, I hate Passover. Hate it. I miss carbs that are not matzah balls. This is around the point in Passover when I start to get very cranky and hungry and mean. If you email me or see me in real life and I snap at you, please don't take it personally. It's not you, it's my digestive tract.