Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday Overload

Is it just me or has Cyber Monday become an even bigger deal and even more hyped this years than previous years? It's no secret that I love to shop and love to get a great bargain (sale is my favorite four letter word) but it seems like this year, the promotion for it has gotten excessive. I have already gotten three emails from the same exact company about Cyber Monday. Enough already.

I have almost finished up my holiday shopping and wasn't planning on doing much shopping for myself. I saw a cute top I wanted at LOFT and I decided to wait and see if I still wanted it. I decided I did. When I went back to check out, the site was down for maintenance. Go figure.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and all of your families and loved ones a very happy Thanksgiving.

TLS and I are headed to Manchester where will eat the very traditional Thanksgiving meal of Pot Pie and Tandoori Sea Bass. We have both been very homesick for England so we are very excited to go back!

I will be back on Sunday, but for now I leave you with this video which may or may not have been playing nonstop over at Casa S.

My favorite line is: "and then picked up the charge for using Visa which was drastic. 'Cuz how the feck are you supposed to pay if not with fecking plastic?"

Ryanair charged us 24€ in credit card fees when our tickets only cost 24€ for the two of us.

Monday, November 21, 2011

6 months ago

On Starbucks

On Saturday, husband and I took the train down to Mannheim to do some holiday shopping. There is a Starbucks in Mannheim so obviously I had to go there. Twice. The first time for a Lebkuchen Latte and the second time for a Cranberry White Mocha. It very much warmed my heart to see that Starbucks had red cups. :)

On my second trip in there, the crazy man in front of me paid for his 2,90€ drink in 0,01€ coins, which caused me much aggravation. Seriously. Who does that? I told my husband how annoyed I was, and he said that he was just impressed that the man managed to find a drink in Starbucks that only cost 2,90€.

I don't know what's worse- the fact that German Starbucks charge 4,60€ for a grande mocha, or the fact that I bought two of them.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

where I've been

I have been one hot, emotional mess lately.

Those of you who follow me on twitter know by now that we found out last week that TLS will be deploying in March. We knew it could happen, but I was still hoping for the best. He will be missing both our birthdays and our anniversary.

I don't do well with change and have been really stressed out lately. If you remember from right before I moved here a year and a half ago (has it really been that long? geez!) that every single little thing, good or bad, made me cry. This time around, it hasn't been much different. I started crying, a lot, when TLS first told me. I stopped, but didn't feel any happier. The tiniest little thing would set me over the edge. I found a moth hole in the sleeve of my favorite Lilly Pulitzer sweater (pink with a navy elephant outline on the side) and I started crying over that. I started crying over not getting my new duvets in time. Over banging my toe and ruining my pedicure. Over running out of hot cocoa. And the list goes on and on and on.

I finally decided to ignore the world today, refuse to get out of bed, and have a pity party with Snoopy and Teddy. My face is all red puffy and I look like a hot mess. I'm sure I will feel better about this later on, but right now I feel emotionally drained. Several of you have sent me emails that I have not responded to. If you are one of them, please don't take it personally. Once I am feeling more like myself, I will respond to my messages. I promise.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

All I Want for Hannukah Is

Kate Spade Bow Ski Hat
The Preppy Ladybug Round Monogrammed Sterling Post Earrings
Blue Nile Pearl Ring
Elegant and very Yurman-esque for a much better price!
BaubleBar Monogrammed pendant in silver
Scout Crown Jewels in Angelina Ballerina

Monogrammed Marley Lilly Scarf
notice a theme here?
Happiness is Peanuts Snow Days
Pandora Bracelet and Charms

Monogrammed Tervis Tumbler

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Oh baby!

No, don't get excited. This post isn't a big announcement or anything.

I have a few friends who are about to become first time mommies. With that, I have spent plenty of time online oohing and aahing over onesies and debating which stroller is best.
every single one of my pregnant friends should expect to get this for Hannukah/Christmas/Winter Solstice

Here's the thing- the last person you should ever be turning to for parenting/baby advice is the girl who doesn't ever want to have a baby. As much as I love my friends- after a while it all starts to look the same. Also, I totally don't know which stroller/carseat is safest. I just know if things are pretty or not.

At the request of my friend Christina, I am turning to all of my mommy friends out there in cyberspace. What "stuff" do you recommend for babies? What  helped you out the most as a new mommy? What can you absolutely not live without? While I am sure my friends appreciate seeing my recommendations for $300 baby dresses because they are just too cute for words, I'm sure they appreciate things that are slightly more budget friendly and realistic. Also- what strollers, car seats, etc. do you recommend?

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy first of the month. Hoping these little bunnies bring you lots of luck. (It just would not be the 1st of the month without an obligatory rabbit pictures post.)

Things I am looking forward to this month:
1) Thanksgiving Day weekend in Manchester- 23 days until my feet are back on British soil. But who's counting? I may have already started packing in my excitement.

2) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Halloween is over. It's time for me to start playing this on repeat.

3) Getting a new watch. I got my current Coach watch as a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday and have worn it almost every day since then. Unfortunately, 28 year old Masha does not have the same wrists as 18 year old Masha and it's time for a change. After lusting over a gorgeous Skagen watch with a Mother of Pearl dial on base, I found out that I'm getting a $100 AAFES gift card as a volunteer appreciation gift this week. It's enough to cover the cost of the watch. Yes please.

4) Holiday cards and shopping. I get dorky around the holidays. I have been searching far and wide for the perfect holiday cards. I love buying presents for my friends. There is a certain thrill that you get when you realize you've found the perfect gift for someone.

5) The start of Christmas markets in Germany. And Gluhwein. The only bearable thing about living in Germany in the dead of winter.

A few other random notes:
1) I am insanely jealous of all of you who get your red Starbucks cups starting today. +2 points to whomever sends me a few of those red cups so I can make coffee in my Keurig and pretend like I'm in Starbucks.
2) After a bunch of bloggers went searching far and wide without any luck whatsoever for my Pumpkin Spice Creamer, husband excitedly emailed me last night staying that they just got it in stock on base yesterday. Thank you to everyone who looked for me. And if you're on Ramstein, it's at the Northside Shoppette. You're welcome.
3) Last year, I got a lot of requests from friends for ornaments from Germany. This year, the shipping deadline for Christmas packages is December 9th. If you'd like an ornament this year, let me know ASAP so I have time to buy them and mail them out.
4) I posted this on Twitter and just in case I have better luck here, I'm posting this here too:

I'm helping to plan TLS's squadron's holiday party and am in charge of getting prizes/gifts. The budget isn't huge so I'm trying to get as many presents as I possibly can donated so that I can get a few of the bigger items. If any retailers read this blog and are willing to donate something, please email me.