Friday, January 30, 2009

Wild Geese that fly with a moon on their wings

I have nothing against Geese, they're cute and all, but they just aren't my favorite things. I'm more of a duck girl. I also really love marine stuff. Especially Coral and Starfish. My sheets are Tiffany blue (my favorite color) with white coral on them. I have a gorgeous starfish garland a silver/Tiffany blue shimmer ribbon that I got when I was in college that's going to go right above my bed once I can find a nice boy (most likely my superintendent) to put nails in the wall for me.

Since I am still in the process of decorating my apartment, I will dedicate this week's Favorite Things post to home items.

Thanks to Kate, I discovered Mermaid Hut. The entire store is chock full of Nautical/Marine stuff. These are my favorite items and lusts. These are my favorites:

Set of Three Coral Trays:

These are so gorgeous and match my room beautifully. I'm going for a red, white, and Tiffany Blue color scheme. At $29 for the set of three, it's a really great price.

Set of Two Coral Branch Bowls:

Again, gorgeous, elegant, classy, and simple.

I have fallen in love with Target's Shabby Chic Line and have spare bedding and all of my bathroom accessories from there. I have been perusing the site looking at the rest of the collection and have fallen in love with some of the things. I really want this Vanity Table.

It's cute, inexpensive, and would fit in the hallway in between my closet and my refrigerator. (Remember that I live in NYC folks, the fridge does not always actually fit in the kitchen.) I love vanity tables in general and have always wanted one. The matching stool is adorable and also pretty cheap. (Altogether it costs less than $150 for the set, plus with Target you get cash back on Ebates.) I'm hoping this will act as great motivation for me to unpack those last boxes that are stacked in the hall faster so I can actually buy it.

Also from the collection, I want this light switch for my bathroom. It's a lot cuter than the one I have now which is the generic one. It's $16 for a set of two, and I have a $10 gift card, so if I see it in the store, I may have to pick it up.

The last item on this week's list comes from Ida Claire. It is this gorgeous mail and catalog holder.

I have been searching for a cute mail/magazine holder, and everything I find is either really tacky, totally not my style, or way out of my price point. At $68 this one is doable and I love the colors and the gorgeous monogram.


  1. Love love love the mail/magazine holder! I must have them!

  2. I love the coral bowls too. My daughter has that vanity and bench. Great choices.