Friday, January 30, 2015

Happiness is a new pair of bunny slippers

Fuzzy bunny slippers are one of my guilty pleasures in life. I have owned several pairs in my lifetime and gave them to my bridesmaids as part of their gifts. (I even wore a pair myself at my wedding during the reception. Few things in life are more comfortable than bunny slippers.)
When the company that sold my beloved Muffy and Fluffy (yes, I name things- I'm a chronic namer) went out of business, I was saddened because mine were starting to look a little bit ragged. So when a representative from contacted me asking if I would do a review of a pair of their bunny slippers, I was so excited. New apartment means new slippers.

They arrived and they looked just as cute as my previous pairs.
 They are super soft and it kind of feels like I'm walking on one of those memory foam mats. (I love those things so much and if it was socially acceptable and physically possible to do so, I totally would carpet my entire house in them.) They have the cutest little ears that have wires in them which makes them slightly bendy. No real function here other than just to look so.darn.cute.
Please tell me you see those adorable little cottontails.
For size reference, I am a size 6 and the size small fit me great. has plenty of other slippers to choose from if bunny slippers aren't your thing. I think that these Flamingo slippers are super fun (Madame- these seem right up your alley!) and so are the lobster slippers. 

For fans of Monty Python, they even have Killer Rabbit slippers!

Thank you to for the adorable new bunny slippers and be sure to check them out for gifts for yourself or someone else.

FTC Disclaimer: I received the bunny slippers for review and received no other financial compensation. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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  1. Oh my gosh. I am so tempted. I need to see if they are as comfortable as you say, because I want some fun slippers. Uggs are comfy, just not this adorable!