Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Award and the Giveaway Winner *finally* announced

The lovely Desperately Seeking Seersucker gave me this fun award a while ago. I have been a horrible blogger lately, but I swear (!!!) that I am getting better at it!

1) Coke, not Pepsi. I have heard many times that Coke is for the South, Pepsi is for the North. I don't get it. I am a Northerner but can't stand Pepsi. Coke pretty much runs through my veins. It got to the point where I was pretty much running on Coke. For New Year, I made a resolution to only drink Coke (or other sodas), no more than twice a week. So far I've stuck to it. Just so you understand how serious my Coke habit is- when I was looking at possible wedding venues, I made a point to ask each one if they serve Coke or Pepsi. Also, when I was living in the States, it drove me absolutely bonkers when I would order Coke with my sushi or Chinese order and the place would send over a can of Pepsi instead.
2) I am incredibly Type A. I like to check things. And double check them. And triple check them. I am not very confident in myself and am always scared that I'm going to make a mistake. When I submitted the order for our Save the Dates, I drove myself crazy thinking what if I had misspelled something? They came in and it turns out that I can spell both mine and my fiance's names. Shocking.
3) Tea, not coffee. Here's the thing- I love coffee, but I just hate the taste of it. I tell everyone that I take my coffee white- 3 pounds of sugar, 5 gallons of milk or creamer. Whatever room is left in the cup? Go ahead and put coffee in that. Have you ever known someone who puts 7-9 sugars in a small coffee cup? Well now you can say you have. (Seriously, when I was working, the manager of the coffee shop would only charge me 75 cents for a $1 cup of coffee.) Yes I know how bad this is. This is why I only get coffee from Starbucks or those "cappuccino" vending machines that spit out something syrupy sweet and that isn't real cappuccino at all. Even still, I drink coffee very rarely. In contrast, I imbibe tea like it's going out of style. Back in New York, I had an entire cabinet devoted to nothing but tea. All different flavors, brands, price ranges, etc. I love it (almost) all. From Fortnum & Mason and Mariage Freres to Celestial Seasonings. The only thing I don't really like is plain Lipton. Blah. Unlike coffee, I take my tea plain. I rarely put sugar in it unless it's a fruity tea that's best drank with sugar in it. And then again, not always.
4) I have a freakish love of musicals. Any time I see a musical, I always get the music stuck in my head for days. I have seen Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music too many times to count. I will always, always pick seeing a Broadway musical over a play. No matter how good a play is, it just bores me. Musicals thrill me. This is evidenced by the fact that I am pretty much the only person on the entire island of Manhattan who actually liked High Fidelity: the Musical.
5) I can't swim.
6) I still sleep with the teddy bear I got the day I was born.
7) I can't think of a 7th fact to put here. So sue me.

And now, for the giveaway winner. Congratulations to Kristin Schnurbusch! Please email me your address to whaleflipflops {@} gmail {.} com and I will mail you the Pencil me In Case ASAP.


  1. Bahaha...I will sue you then :) Just kidding, of course.

    Congrats to Kristin!

  2. Hah. I grew up IN Atlanta - where EVERYTHING was Coke - Sprite, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper... "Can I get a Coke" "What kind?" "a Dr. Pepper, please" Yeah. That's really how it goes. I do prefer Pepsi, though. When it's commissary time, I go by what's cheaper. Which is almost always Pepsi. Works well though, as my hubby is a Pepsi addict.
    Also, I did the same thing with my INVITATIONS. I seriously nearly had break downs about spelling or wording something wrong. It's so stressful! But, I too, am able to spell my name and put the correct date on a piece of paper. Who knew?

  3. OH! And the coffee/tea thing made me laugh. We don't have a coffee maker. We probably never will. Neither of us just like coffee - I will drink Starbucks, but as close to "true coffee" as it gets for me is iced (I swear it tastes a million times better COLD) and with some sort of syrup in it. Otherwise, I'm with you. Tea is yummy. Coffee is gross. Except for those sweet, sweet exceptions.

  4. While I'm from the South, I cannot stand Pepsi. If I'm at a restaurant and order a Diet Coke and the kind server tells me they have Pepsi products, I change my drink order to water.

  5. I don't know where that "Pepsi is for the north and Coke is for the south" came from. I can only guess it's because Coke was created in GA. I grew up in NE and only drink Coke. When they changed the formula in '86 I thought my world would end. It was traumatizing.

  6. SPEAKING of giveaways, I'm hosting my {first} ... lululemon and H&M so if you haven't alredy, come check it out :-)

  7. Interesting thing about your Pepsi/Coke debate.... We have lots of Pepsi factories here in North Carolina - now some people argue rather we are Northerners or Southerners but we did technically fight with the confederacy in the Civil War....