Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you're still reading, I'm still here

I'm back from an unplanned hiatus. I returned from Dublin to the wonderful news that our internet had been switched off for no reason, and after a week of fighting to get it back and several German holidays, it is finally back up! Can I just say that I was starting to go a little crazy without internet in my house?

I am currently working on uploading photos from Dublin and will hopefully post those soon.

Some things that have happened since then:
*Several more Bubble Tea shop visits (I told you I'm obsessed!)

*We hosted a Seder for four of our friends on Friday night. Despite the fact that I hate Passover food, it all was very tasty and a lot of fun and went off mainly without any problems except...

*Friday morning while I was cooking, I sliced my hand open on a pink Cuisinart mini food processor. (For anyone in the market for a new mini food processor, I can now attest to the fact that Cuisinart blades really are as sharp as they claim to be.) TLS took me to the ER but the wait was too long so I signed myself out. Fortunately, one of our Seder guests is a doctor at our ER so he came over a little earlier and stitched my hand up. It only took 2 stitches. I may have cried like a little baby. My pain threshold is pretty much nonexistant. I made TLS buy me Hello Kitty band aids for my stitches so I can now say that I have something in common with an Iron Chef. (Zakarian also uses Hello Kitty band aids on all of his kitchen accidents.)

*TLS's squadron is doing a Chili Cook Off on the 20th and I am determined to win. (Or at least place.) If you have an incredible chili recipe, can you please send it my way? I will be very grateful.

*Please tell me y'all watch GCB? I have watched every single episode so many times now that I can pretty much recite them verbatim. I nearly fell off my couch at the latest one when Blake and Cricket were talking about the pandas.

*Like I mentioned before, I hate Passover. Hate it. I miss carbs that are not matzah balls. This is around the point in Passover when I start to get very cranky and hungry and mean. If you email me or see me in real life and I snap at you, please don't take it personally. It's not you, it's my digestive tract.


  1. cant wait to see pictures of Dublin! I would go so crazy without the internet too

  2. I go stir crazy if I can't get online. You did really well for having to go without for a bit!

    OMG, I'm loving GCB. It is one of my favorite new shows!

  3. Looking forward to those pictures. And I need to check out GCB. Wonder where I can catch the beginning and get caught up. Any ideas? And BE CAREFUL in that kitchen lady! :-)

  4. Good luck with the Chili cook-off! I hope you win!! I LOVE GCB! My hubs secretly enjoys it too, lol.

  5. I'm glad everything went well for your Seder, despite the nice cut you endured. I have a pretty good chili recipe, I'll see if I can locate it. We usually just wing it with a lot of seasonings.

  6. I'm glad you got your hand fixed, sorry about the food. What does your fasting entail, just carbs? Cuz I would cry... I'm kinda mad at my husband for failing to cut the last (homemade-from-scratch) cinnamon roll that was hell (he "claims" he really thought this was half, but it's so obvious it was only 1/3, if that. I shouldn't be mad, but I worked so hard on these, and haven't enjoyed one for a few days.) Catholics just have to give up meat on Fridays during Lent (and they're supposed to give up something for all of Lent, but honestly I n ever do. Oops!) Anyways, hope all is well and good luck with that chili!

  7. Excited to see your Dublin photos!

    Yikes on the stitches but glad you had someone stitch you up at home. When I got bit by a friend's dog my doctor neighbor stitched me up in my kitchen.