Sunday, January 6, 2013

My Newest Project

One of my goals for a while now has been to create and maintain a list of Alpha Sigma Alpha bloggers and to create a page for us to get together and network and get to discover new sisters and new blogs.

Last night, I finally decided to take charge and made that goal a reality. It has a very humble beginning, but I am excited to introduce to you Alpha Sigma Alpha Bloggers. My goals for this page going forward are to maintain a comprehensive list of sisters who blog, do a weekly on bi-monthly post that spotlights a sister and her blog, and work on getting a pretty design up (thanks to a friend and fellow ASA!), and get it a .com address (let's face it, the current URL is kind of long!).

I realize that this may only interest a small percentage of those of you who read my blog, but if you are an ASA, I would love to have you join in! Please follow the blog and send me any blogs written by sisters that you know of and of course, yours if you have one.

Love in ASA,

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