Thursday, August 29, 2013

New Blog Feature- Donnerstag in Deutschland

This is a weekly email that I send to T's parents about our slightly mundane and uninteresting lives. (Some weeks are more interesting than others.) It started out slightly as an inside joke in the family and now we've all taken it a bit seriously. I thought it might be fun to post these on the blog as well. Enjoy. (I most of y'all are not in Deutschland, but feel free to post about your weeks and your Donnerstags, Thursdays.)
Currently as I write this, I am sitting on our patio drinking a fruit beer from Belgium and eating a banana ice cream treat that has an edible peel. A. May. Zing. G-d bless German engineering. Overall it's been a pretty quiet week over here. Tuesday, Terry's squadron had a Commander's Call and since I'm Key Spouse I got to go. It was pretty boring especially since I speak Civilian and not acronym. He was nominated for NCO of the Month but didn't win sadly. (I was totally ready to take 101 celebratory pictures with my iPhone.) Wednesday, my boss was out sick and since I've worked there the longest pretty much, I got to be in charge. It was fun letting my bossy side out. We booked our train tickets to Paris but still have to figure out how we are getting back. By taking the train from a border town in France instead of Kaiserslautern, we save about 70-75€. Also Vera Bradley had a 59% sale yesterday so I was able to buy the travel bag I've been wanting for my trip in October for super cheap. Score. Today Terry took leave which means he gets to enjoy a 5 day weekend. There was a Stolpersteine laying today in front of 8 homes in Kaiserslautern so we went to that along with our Rabbi. It was very nice and touching but we missed most of it since it was mostly in German and we could only make out key words such as Nazi, Gestapo, Auschwitz, etc. For two of the homes, the children survived and their children came from France and the U.S. to witness it. Very moving. In total, we walked about 6 miles (and got a 15€ parking ticket in the process. Oops.). Afterwards, we got lunch and iced tea downtown and went to the grocery store. (The place we ate lunch in had a Hello Kitty gelato flavor and I asked for a taste. Hello Kitty apparently tastes like yogurt with a strawberry ribbon and white chocolate shavings. Wonder how they came to that conclusion.) Dinner tonight was salmon filets in a garlic sauce on the grill and rosemary-garlic potatoes on the grill. Terry is going to lose to me in a round of Jeopardy while we finish our beers then we will most likely head back inside to watch Royal Pains.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! So jealous you got your Vera on such a great sale!

  2. I think a weekly email to family is a great idea! I may start using this with my family and perhaps my husband's.