Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tacky Tuesday

I will spare you all the details of my family's Thanksgiving celebration because it went roughly as described in my previous post. Instead I will take the time to point out one of the tackiest things that I witnessed.

My cousin and I are at that age when our friends start getting married and pairing off, so she has been invited to a lot of weddings in the past few months and had a stack of wedding invitations on her table. Before dinner, we were hanging out in her room and I was looking at all of them. The top invitation made me cry a little on the inside. It came from a couple who clearly were paying for the wedding themselves and did not have a big budget to work with. The invitation was a piece of 8.5x1" white printer paper with all of the wedding info typed out on it and a clip art black and white picture of wedding bells at the top. The invitation was folded in three and mailed in a regular plain white envelope. There was no RSVP card and you had to email the bride to RSVP.

I understand that times are tough and people are cutting corners to save on wedding expenses, but in my opinion, this is going too far. I value stationery and paper goods and save all of the cards, letters, etc. that I get. I have saved the invitations to every wedding and Bar and Bat Mitzvah that I have been invited to. If I got an invitation like that for a wedding, I would not save it. Personally, if a couple really cannot afford their wedding stationery, I would much rather get a Paperless Post or even a *gasp* Evite than something that was made on Microsoft Word.


  1. i do agree with you. BUT, i'm sure everyone has priorities for weddings, maybe this just isn't one of theirs? maybe they are just more interested in getting married then all the hoopla surrounding it? not sure... but at the end of the day, i'm with you, would never do it!

  2. This reminds me of the "save the date" email from bride wars!

  3. totally agree...the only thing worse than that is a precious moments invitation..double gag..

    i actually got one of those on the mail several years ago, my mom and i were on the floor rolling and laughing!

  4. There's really no excuse for that, since you can hand write on pretty inexpensive stationery for very low budget. Like <$20 I bet!!!