Wednesday, June 26, 2013

mid-week randoms

*After mocking me for my Candy Crush obsession (seriously how the heck do you get past level 125), TLS downloaded the game the other day. Since then, he has not stopped playing it and keeps on asking me to send him lives and train tickets. It is so incredibly amusing to sit here and just watch him get all frustrated. Now it's my turn to mock finally!

*Monday I was supposed to have an appointment with my endocrinologist because I'm pretty much convinced that my thyroid meds are not working. I'm still tired all.the.time and have no energy at all. No amount of Coke Zero really seems to help with this. The endocrinologist at Landstuhl (American hospital on base) doesn't see dependents so I have to see a German doctor off base. I spoke with my primary care doctor about 2-3 weeks ago who assured me that as long as I still had appointments left on my referral, I would not have a problem with my insurance company. When I got to my appointment, I was told that since my referral expired in April, the doctor could not see me unless my insurance company would give her the authorization over the phone or by fax which they refused to do. I ended up having to cancel my appointment (which I had to make over a month in advance) and the earliest one I could get is at the end of July. The only available appointment is during the time T and I were supposed to go to London. I don't want to have to delay my appointment any more so now it looks our trip to London is getting pushed back to August. Sad face. I hate dealing with insurance company red tape.

*My vacation request for October was approved today and I will be back in the States from October 2nd-23rd. Finally!!! If you live in the NYC area and want to meet up, please let me know. I cannot wait! Of course I went straight to look at plane tickets, and they are up like $100 from the last time I checked. I will wait a little bit to book my flight and hope that prices come down. I need that extra money for Shake Shack and Starbucks and manicures!

*How gorgeous is this pearl necklace from Bellevue Newport?
It's on sale at their flash sale tonight at 8pm EST on their facebook page. I am trying my hardest to stay up to make sure I don't miss it. The time difference and my underachieving thyroid are not my friends right now.

*In a bit of Alzheimer's humor for you that's slightly related to today's rulings: my Nana has started introducing my mother to people as her wife. Whenever I talk to my mother now, I always ask her how her wife is doing now.

How is your week going so far?


  1. I should have bought that necklace last night...

  2. I have had many friends send invites for Candy Crush and I am staying strong for now. I know I'd be addicted as soon as I started playing!