Friday, March 26, 2010

Right Now I'm Obsessed With

Strawberry Pocky:
This is a Japanese snack that has biscuit sticks dipped in strawberry yogurt. They are absolutely delicious not to mention the color is so cute! They sell it at the commissary for $0.70 a pack, and somehow, whenever we go there, we always end up getting more Pocky than real food. (Except for that one time when I walked into the commissary and walked out with 25 limes. Whoops.)

Dior Creme de Rose Lip Balm:
I have to admit that the price tag ($25) is a bit steep for a lip balm, but it is a price that I was more than happy to pay. I generally despise all things that are Rose scented or flavored, but one sample of this balm proved to me that to every rule, there is an exception. The flavor is light and not at all overpowering and leaves your lips so soft and happy. I have had this baby for less than a month, and it is already about halfway gone. I will be picking up another one at Harrods tomorrow. ($25 at Saks)

My Hermes Clic H Bracelet:
I had been lusting after this baby for a while, so for Valentine's Day, TLS took me to the original Hermes store in Paris and got it for me. I have worn it every day since. A friend asked me why I didn't choose to get it in white or a more neutral color so that it could match everything in my wardrobe? When will people understand that in my closet, pink is a neutral.

(I have the pink one at the top of the photo, I wasn't able to find a picture of just the pink one.)
Stella & Dot Starfish Earrings:
I love Starfish and have a few starfish-related items around my house. To me, Starfish just scream "summer!" When I saw these online, I knew I had to have them. I am not a fan of dangle or hoop earrings and prefer nice studs and combined with the fact that these are 1) starfish, and 2) in another one of my favorite colors, this was just fate! ($34 at Stella & Dot)
Lilly Pulitzer LeSportsac Mini Round Umbrella:
My cute pink umbrella went MIA somewhere in between all of my traveling and needed to be replaced before the rainy season ASAP. When I saw this cutie-pie online it was love at first site and I knew I had to make it mine. I hate black umbrellas and always opt for brightly colored ones because I feel that they bring a bit of cheer to an otherwise dreary day. Not only is one one pretty and fun, but it also collapses to a small size (shorter than a standard-size Hershey bar) and can fit into just about any purse or even a jacket pocket. ($25 at Lilly Pulitzer)
My Mason Pearson Brush:
This is something that I have wanted for a few years but just could not justify the price tag of. On one of my trips to England, after the pound had fallen in our favor, I decided to go for it and purchase one at Harrods. At £49, it was still pricey, but a significant savings over what one of these would cost in the U.S. It truly is an amazing hair brush and leaves your hair incredibly silky soft. If you have the opportunity to get one of these, I highly recommend that you go for it!
White Whale Basket from Pottery Barn Kids:
I stumbled upon this item completely by chance last night when a sorority sister tweeted a picture of a whale bank that she registered for her baby for. I decided to do a search to see what other whale items they had, and when I saw this little guy, I knew I had to have him. I don't care that it costs $119. I don't care that it's from the kids section. He. Will. Be. Mine. Imagine how cute he would look holding a monogrammed fleece blanket or a bunch of socks. I have already named him Neiman (yes like the store) and I don't even have him yet. I never knew that a basket in the shape of a whale was an item that I simply positively could not live without, but apparently it is. ($119 at Pottery Barn Kids)


  1. Wow, everything is so cute. Love the whale basket!

  2. Too cute! Pink is totally a neutral in my closet too. Love the whale basket! Have a great weekend xoxo

  3. thought you'd like these starfish sandals, theyre super cute!

  4. Adorable items. I am thinking the Japanese snacks would be great in the Easter Basket, we have a Japanese market nearby. I have always wanted an Hermes belt...

  5. Pink is a neutral in my wardrobe, too! xoxo

  6. Love the umbrella and I agree I always need a bright one for rainy days!

  7. Pocky is good... but sooo not good for you... and the Hermes bracelet I love! my girlfriends bought me the black and silver one for my birthday.... xxxooo

  8. OMG…I love Pocky. Geof got me hooked on it a little while after we met. Strawberry is really good. They sell the regular kind at Target, but it’s almost $4/box.

    I was wondering about that balm and I think you sold me on it. I probably apply it in some form about 986 times a day.

    That Hermes bracelet is so pretty and I love that you got it in pink. That’s the color that I would have chosen too. I also have those Starfish earrings from S&D on my list. I sell S&D if you’re ever interested ;) I’m just really into turquoise this spring and so glad that it is the color of the season.

    That umbrella is really cute and sounds like the perfect size. I really like the Lilly/LeSportsac partnership.

    That brush has and will remain on my wish list!

    That basket was made for you :)

  9. Pink is my beige or black. It goes with everything! :-) I heart the whale basket, you MUST own.
    Left a little present for you on my blog today, be sure to check it out! XOXO

  10. J'adore that whale basket and of course I cannot live with out my MP brush!

  11. Pink is a neutral in my wardrobe, too! :P
    x Leia

  12. great finds! the whale basket is very cute