Saturday, November 20, 2010

I'm alive

Yea. So that was a bit of a blogging hiatus there. Back when I was in New York, I got too busy to blog (yea we've all been there) and then whenever I did sit down to write, I got a terrible case of "oh I just remembered that there is a Crumbs cupcake in the fridge that haven't yet eaten"itis and all posts got abandoned early on. (People this is a serious illness, and the second it creeps up on you, you need to cure it with a Crumbs cupcake STAT.) Anyhoo, I am back now and after several days of a very wonky sleep schedule I am starting to finally catch up to TLS's sleep schedule. (He got moved to Panama nights while I was in NY- 7:30pm-7:30am 3-5 days a week. Generally, as a rule, I am not very appreciative when his job interferes with my social life or sleep cycle.)

I had a wonderful time in NY and it feels kind of weird to be back. I actually managed to get accomplished everything on my to-do (to-eat) list and found THE PERFECT wedding invitations in a store. I'm still trying to convince TLS that they are what he wants too. (Dear, if you're reading this, you know you want them. Will post more later on, but I just wanted to let y'all know that I haven't jumped ship!

***Side note: it's been brought to my attention that mail that I sent to friends back in the States about 3-5 weeks ago has still not been delivered yet. If you sent me something and have not yet received a thank you card from me, or are waiting on a package from me still, please do not take it personally. 'Tis the season when the APO stops working normally.***


  1. We're glad your back! Can't wait for new posts

  2. welcome back! glad to hear you accomplished your to do/eat list... i think that's the most important then when returning to a place you love!!
    also... can't wait for wedding wednesday to see the invitations!!

  3. So glad your back. I've missed hearing about your adventures.

  4. Does he work in the CST? I heard they were going to Panama shift soon. I, too, do not like it when KR's alarm clock wakes me up (because he let's it ring 5 times before he actually GETS UP). They keep jerking with his shift, and somehow, tonight, after leaving at 8pm to pay the TKS bill, he is still not home (11pm) b/c he got stuck at work when he is not even on standby. Boo.

    Glad you had fun in NY! Didn't realize you were going by yourself! I hope you did you Christmas decoration shopping in the states, because the BX has a very sore supply of stuff left - and the prices made me cringe. I miss Target sale ads!