Monday, November 1, 2010

what's in MRM's carryons?

Carryon #1:
Louis Vuitton Montergueil
Ipod (case is Kate Spade)- can't have a spontaneous Taylor Swift Dance Party without it
Lilly Pulitzer Pocket Agenda- my whole life is in this
Passport (in Lilly case)- duh
Glasses in (super old) Vera Bradley Sherbet Case
Longchamp Coin Purse- this is what I use for all of my euros since I always have so many euro coins
Vera Bradley pink wallet/wristlet combo
Keys to my mom's house- not a good picture of the keyfob- this is the back of it. The front is a daisy with an enamel ladybug on it. So cute!
J. Crew hairclip- to contain my hair when it starts looking like a  hot tranny mess
Tiffany pretzel necklace in pouch- TLS got this for me when I had lived in Germany for only a month. I love it and the symbolism behind it so much!
Vera Bradley navy coin purse- it usually contains my camera when I'm not busy using it to take pictures of things that are in my carryon
Vera Bradley Yellow Birds sunglass case- inside it are my favorite Gucci sunglasses.

Carryon #2:
Lilly Pulitzer Originals Tote in Frisky Business
Snoopy- I always, always, always have to travel and sleep with a stuffed animal. Teddy is entirely too big to travel, so Snoopy steps up to the plate. Plus, being a WWI Flying Ace, he appreciates the opportunity to step onto a plane.
Ziploc bag- containing rewetting drops, extra contact lenses, a various assortment of lip glosses, antibacterial, hand lotion, and not one, but two asthma inhalers. A Delta jet is no place to lose a contact or have an asthma attack.
Mason Pearson brush- Got this in Harrods. This baby makes me love my hair on bad hair days.
Lilly Pulitzer mini pocket notebook in Crabtastic- This is the notebook that I use for all of my wedding meetings/notes. Crabtastic is one of my favorite patterns.
LeSporsac makeup case with pink/blue ladybugs.- The colors and pattern should make it pretty obvious why I bought this. It contains the headphones for my ipod, small pocket mirror, the World's Biggest Collection of Lip Balms (there are 6 in that thing alone!), Advil, a spare pen.
A stack of Bridal magazines- self explanatory
Toblerone Bar- Ever since watching that Friends episode, I always associate airports with Toblerone.
Kinder Egg- A friend asked me to bring her one. Since I can't put it in my suitcases (yes, plural), I h ad to put it in my carryon. (If your bags get scanned when they arrive in the States and the Kinder eggs are visible, they will be confiscated. No joke.)
Flake bar- Also for a friend. European candy is not cheap in the States.
Take 5 Bar- pure deliciousness
Pack of red gummy laces- Why yes, the wedding dress diet is going great. Thanks for asking.
Vineyard Vines pink fuzzy whale hat-adorable and very necessary


  1. I LOL's at the hair comment. Safe travels!

  2. I see you won the Snoopy debate..though I had faith you would. ;0)

  3. love the VV hat! been wanting one for myself for a while now. and nothing wrong with a girl enjoying a little bit of licorice every once in a while ;)

  4. APPROVE! xoxox BFF (and slacker bridesmaid) JILL

  5. I had to google Kinder Egg because I had no idea what you were talking about or why it would be confiscated. Are the toys dangerous or something? Have very safe travels!!

  6. I looove Flake bars! So delicious! I always pop into British good stores to see if they have them!

  7. Love that you travel with Snoopy! Too funny.

    Speaking of cuteness, Kate Spade has a fancy-pants iPad case on sale. I kind of want to grab it even though I don't yet possess an iPad...

  8. I want your LV Montergueil. Hope your travels are smooth and you get to keep all your treats when you land stateside.

  9. i love the progression... you were procrastinating packing and making lists... and then we get to see photos of your gorgeously organized carry-ons. you're too much!

  10. That was really interesting - and your stuff is SO MUCH cuter than mine!! We dropped my mom off at the airport today and I am busy procrastinating on getting our place ready to move (tomorrow!). I didn't do a wedding diet, I decided it was pointless b/c afterwards I'd gain it all back and then never be able to wear my dress whenever I felt like wearing a gorgeous white dress. I always bring so many more snacks on the plane, too, though I usually don't eat any of them! Have a great flight, a great trip, and have fun wedding planning!

    Random: I've never had a kinder ball. I also don't think I've ever had Toblerone. For serious.

  11. Love it all. And what is a Kinder egg???

  12. I wonder why they confiscate Kinder Eggs? They want the chocolate and the toy?

  13. Love what you choose to carry, lots of pink & green goodies!