Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit!

Happy first of the month. Hoping these little bunnies bring you lots of luck. (It just would not be the 1st of the month without an obligatory rabbit pictures post.)

Things I am looking forward to this month:
1) Thanksgiving Day weekend in Manchester- 23 days until my feet are back on British soil. But who's counting? I may have already started packing in my excitement.

2) A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Halloween is over. It's time for me to start playing this on repeat.

3) Getting a new watch. I got my current Coach watch as a gift from my parents for my 18th birthday and have worn it almost every day since then. Unfortunately, 28 year old Masha does not have the same wrists as 18 year old Masha and it's time for a change. After lusting over a gorgeous Skagen watch with a Mother of Pearl dial on base, I found out that I'm getting a $100 AAFES gift card as a volunteer appreciation gift this week. It's enough to cover the cost of the watch. Yes please.

4) Holiday cards and shopping. I get dorky around the holidays. I have been searching far and wide for the perfect holiday cards. I love buying presents for my friends. There is a certain thrill that you get when you realize you've found the perfect gift for someone.

5) The start of Christmas markets in Germany. And Gluhwein. The only bearable thing about living in Germany in the dead of winter.

A few other random notes:
1) I am insanely jealous of all of you who get your red Starbucks cups starting today. +2 points to whomever sends me a few of those red cups so I can make coffee in my Keurig and pretend like I'm in Starbucks.
2) After a bunch of bloggers went searching far and wide without any luck whatsoever for my Pumpkin Spice Creamer, husband excitedly emailed me last night staying that they just got it in stock on base yesterday. Thank you to everyone who looked for me. And if you're on Ramstein, it's at the Northside Shoppette. You're welcome.
3) Last year, I got a lot of requests from friends for ornaments from Germany. This year, the shipping deadline for Christmas packages is December 9th. If you'd like an ornament this year, let me know ASAP so I have time to buy them and mail them out.
4) I posted this on Twitter and just in case I have better luck here, I'm posting this here too:

I'm helping to plan TLS's squadron's holiday party and am in charge of getting prizes/gifts. The budget isn't huge so I'm trying to get as many presents as I possibly can donated so that I can get a few of the bigger items. If any retailers read this blog and are willing to donate something, please email me.