Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday 5

Five things I'm loving lately:

1) Bubble Tea (as evidenced by all of my Foursquare checkins)
Bubble tea is clearly the new black in Germany. On February 20th, our town had its fair share of excitement when the first bubble tea shop opened. Since then, two other places have started serving bubble tea and a fourth one is set two open this. I should probably mention that these four places are within a 2-3 block radius of each other, with two of them being just two storefronts away. I know this overkill. But I love bubble tea. And since the nearest Starbucks to me is 30 minutes away, it helps satisfy this transplant New Yorker's desire for fancy overpriced drinks. It takes me about 30 minutes to walk to the shop from my house and back, so I like to do that and then pretend that the tea isn't as bad for me because of it.

2) My Kate Spade wallet
Portola Valley Jules
In a moment of generosity, my mother bought me this wallet for my upcoming trip to Dublin. (The look of astonishment on my husband's face when he heard that she bought me a brand new wallet for a 48 hour trip was pretty amazing.) Since my life is pretty much a walking description of Murphy's Law, I was sure that it would get here the day after I got back from Dublin. Not that my mother would make me return it or anything, but still. Well, much to my pleasant surprise, it came today. It is a lot bigger than it looks on the website and I am in love with it!

3) Steiff Snoopy- World War I Flying Ace
What can I say about this that isn't already obvious? I stumbled upon him a couple of nights ago and it was basically love at first sight. He is a North American exclusive and is available for pre-order. He costs $245 but can you ever really put a price on happiness and awesomeness? Seeing that inspired me to start my birthday wishlist.

4) Snoopy Tervis Tumbler

Speaking of Snoopy, how cute is this Tervis Tumbler? And just slightly more wallet-friendly. I'm hoping to get it for this spring/summer? (Have I mentioned that I really like Snoopy?)

5) The Hunger Games

TLS and I went to see it today. We both loved it. I am going to go back to see it with a girlfriend most likely sometime next week or so (hi Hannah!) and am thinking of watching it in German also just to compare. And maybe pick up a few words of German in the process. (Spoiler alert: tesserae is still called tesserae in German.)


  1. Love your wallet and bubble tea...sounds delicious!

  2. have you ever had Argo Bubble Tea?? SO good...i love the coconut flavor!

  3. you NEED that tervis.

    the steiff is gorgeous, too, but the price (gasp!). you could have three lady bug lilly skirts for that price!

  4. I never heard of bubble tea! As a tea lover, I'm intrigued!

  5. Can I just say that I love your blog? I just found it, and I think you're awesome. Here in California, bubble tea stores are on every corner and it's so cool that it's picking up in Germany too. Please do check out my blog at thanks! :)