Friday, September 13, 2013

5 on Friday

Hello Hello!

I'm linking up today for the first time with A. Liz Adventures, Carolina Charm, Hello! Happiness, and The Good Life Blog for their weekly 5 on Friday linkup.

1) I received one of these pralines from Aunt Sallys in my latest Love With Food box. Holy amazingness. I have never tasted anything like these and am now ordering a box to my mother's address in New York for when I get there. (If you don't currently have a Love With Food subscription, you can use code FBGIFT to get your first box for $2.)

2) Exactly one month from today, this girl is going to be tying the knot.

We have been best friends for 15 years and I am so thrilled and excited for her. I am so honored and happy to get to stand beside her as she says "I do."

3) For the wedding, we get to pick out our own dresses. They have to be black, above the knee, not shiny, and sleeveless or with cap sleeves. This should be relatively easy but I am not a huge fan of the Little Black Dress and do not own one. Everything I've seen so far here in Germany is either skintight, super short, insanely expensive, sequined to death, or all of the above. I've been looking online for one. So far, this dress from J. Crew is my #1 choice and has been approved by the bride. I want to go see it in person at the store in New York before buying it to make sure it looks good and that I get the right size.
Matilda dress in liquid jersey

4) In less than 2 weeks, 13 days to be exact, we will be in Paris. We are going for the Jimmy Buffett concert and will spend 3 nights there doing some sightseeing and of course, eating our way through the city. Last night, I made my must do/see/eat list for Paris and I realized that I have way too much that I want to see there and am not sure how we will be able to fit it all in. Typical.

5) I've mentioned this before, but nail polish in Germany is bananas expensive, 7,95€ for Essie and 16,95€ for OPI. When I go back to the States, I'm taking the time to stock up on some polishes. So far, on my list are Essie's Vested Interest, Van D'Go, Neo Whimsical, Berry Hard, Smoking Hot, Absolutely Shore, and Splash of Grenadine. Are there any other colors that I should get while I'm there? Also, my bottle of base coat is almost out, and while I love the stuff, I am not ready to pay 12,50€ for another bottle. Do any of you have any base coat recommendations that you love?


  1. We love Aunt Sally's pralines! My husband is from New Orleans so we are pretty familiar with them, it never dawned on me that other people have never heard of them!

  2. Ahhh I just did my first five on Friday as well! I hate the price of nail polish in the UK as well. It killed me the one day to get a mint color from Essie's at Boots. Will be stocking up before heading back over!

  3. I love pralines but usually make my own...this sounds a lot easier, though. Also, love that dress. I love J.Crew dresses for weddings, you can almost always get some more wear out of them at another time (unlike every other dress I've had to buy for a wedding).


  4. I am out of control in love with OPI's Pussy Galore - from the Bond Girls line. Its a light pink with a fine silver glitter in it. Its my go-to for my toes. And its tough as heck. Getting it off can be down-right impossible.

  5. Cute dress for the wedding!

    I use OPI Sweetheart like every single week. It's crazy ha! Essie Fiji is good too.

  6. splash of grenadine is one of my favorites. if you want a crazy obnoxious light bright pink essie boom boom pow is awesome!