Monday, September 23, 2013

Non-buyer's remorse

When Terry and I first moved in together, I decided I absolutely needed to have a chicken for my tiny shoebox kitchen. I knew it was inevitable that I would eventually become that girl with the chicken kitchen, so I figured I might as well speed up the inevitable. I bought a cute little chicken at the grocery store near our house and named him Fritz because that was the first German name I could think of. (Well it was the second, but the first one didn't seem to be very appropriate.)

When we were in Warsaw back in April, I found an artist who was selling some paintings in a square. They were on wood instead of canvas and were so folky and charming and adorable. I knew I had to take one home. (When you start traveling a lot, you stop buying the typical souvenirs and instead buy more practical stuff that you can use like vodka and wooden chickens.)

After much deliberation, much much much deliberation, this chicken came home with me.
how cute is he???

There was also a similar picture with the chicken sitting in a martini glass holding a toothpick with olives in is beak. Oh how I wanted to get that one too. But the shoebox is tiny and Terry convinced me that a couple only needs to many chickens sitting inside of kitchenware in their lives.

Oh how wrong he was.

I have regretted not getting the other chicken for a while now. Unfortunately, I do not have any information on the artist who made it and her signature is just her initials. After hours spent fruitlessly searching online for an online shop or any ordering information, I have come to only one conclusion:

I have to go back to Warsaw and stalk this woman.

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