Thursday, September 12, 2013

Donnerstag in Deutschland

Hello hello.
How are things going? Fall has started in Germany and I am not a fan. I I hate the rain season. Need to dig out my cute umbrellas again. Things have been pretty quiet over here. We've just been busy working and trying to plan out our Paris trip and my trip to New York. I've been looking at bridesmaid dresses online. I found one that I like at J. Crew but want to wait until I can try it on in person to see what size I should get. I borrowed a suitcase from a coworker and have already started packing for New York. We come back from Paris on the 29th and then I work on the 30th and then start trying to hop out on October 1st so I want to be as packed as humanly possible before we leave for Paris since I will have very little turnaround time to do laundry and pack.
We went bowling with a friend of ours on Sunday. She is the girlfriend of one of our good friends who PCS'd a few months ago, and this is our second time seeing her on our own without him, so it was nice to catch up with her and know that she still wants to see us even though he's not in Germany any more. It wasn't a particularly good day for any of us, but at least I broke 50. I know it sounds lame, but I quite literally suck at bowling and have bowled a 12 before. More than once. Glad that didn't happen again. Terry's goal was to break 100 and he managed to score exactly 100.

Yesterday was a hard day for me. It's always difficult being anywhere outside of New York on 9/11 especially since I was there that day and September 11th each year reminds me that I belong in New York more than anywhere else.
The bazaar started on base today. We went there today to check it out and to eat there. We like going there for dinner since that means we don't have to cook. I wanted to get some Polish Pottery and a Reisenthel shopping tote that clips into a shopping cart but wasn't really in a shopping mood. We wanted to get a pretty sign that said "Herzlich Willkomen" from a vendor there who would paint our last name on it, but she would not let us pay by credit card- technically against the bazaar policies- so we left. Maybe we'll come back and get it on Sunday. I also got an Etsy order today that I placed back in June. It shipped June 19th and only just arrived here today. It took so long that the seller refunded me on July 31st. I messaged the seller to let her know that it came in and asked her if she wanted me to pay for it. This is why you never send anything to an APO via First Class

Lynn- I found out from my boss that the tablecloth I got with the gold Star of Davids on it is the last one in the company. She's checking to see if they can get any more in or can get something similar.

Now we're watching Once Upon a Time. Trying to get caught up on our shows before the new seasons start. Are there any new shows you've heard of that we should know about? I'm debating painting my nails again. I painted them today but Terry doesn't seem to be too crazy the color. I wonder how he'll feel about navy blue.
Hope you're having a good week. Send more pictures of Zoe.

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