Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit.

Happy December!

Things that I am looking forward to this month:
*Hannukah!!! My favorite holiday. Starts tonight at sundown. This year we have decided to get each other 8 gifts, one per night.
*Christmas markets
*Losing 3 pounds. If I post it on here, it will happen, right?
*holiday parties
*finishing up all our holiday card
*jelly doughnuts
*gluhwein (yea, so much for those 3 pounds- bring it on!)
*putting up our New Year's Tree (expect a separate post on that one)
*My very first advent calendar. As a Jew- I've always wished for Hannukah to start on Christmas so it would give me an excuse to buy a chocolate advent calendar. Needless to say, that's not the case for this year, or any upcoming years (yes I did google this fact). However, TLS and I saw these at the German megamart by our house and no way was leaving without these an option.
Originally, our plan was to use it to count down to Hannukah, but why do extra math when we don't have to? Instead, we are going to eat 3 chocolates each night after we light the candles.


  1. I'm making latkes for me and my fiancee tomorrow night. Last year they were soooo good, so i'm pumped :) ! happy december!

  2. congrats on the 3lbs! and yay to Hanukkah!!!

  3. I am excited to make desserts!!! I am searching through my cook books and can't wait to try out new recipes. Too bad I could never eat as much sweets as I want to bake, but I'm sure people KR works with won't mind sweets at work! YUM!

  4. Happy Hannukah Shayna Punim!! xxxooo

  5. 1. i always love your rabbit photos. that first one made me laugh out loud!!
    2. happy hannukah!!
    3. i love your hannukah calendar. i think your way to enjoy it is much better than doing all that crazy math!!

  6. Have a great and Happy Hannuka. We will celebrate both I think it's the best to be expossed to alltypes of religion. No matter what your faith is. We will cellebrate tonight with friends and Christmas with Family.

  7. Happy Hannukah! Love your calendar!

  8. i just love your plan to triple up on the advent chocolates :)

  9. Love the rabbits! Everyone I know LOVES having an advent calendar...I havn't had one since I was a kid:)

  10. LOVE THOSE RABBIT IMAGES!!! too cute!