Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Rabbit Rabbit

Happy March everyone! Today we had a gorgeous sunny, Springy day which instantly brightened my mood. The huge box of wedding invitations that we got didn't hurt either.

Things that I am looking forward to this month:
*Heading back to NYC
*Dinner in Eataly with KMH
*My bridal shower
*A friend's wedding
*Finally getting my wedding shoes!
*Getting my new iphone case in the mail. I have managed to drop my iphone an exorbitant amount of times and now my once-pink case is now white and cracked around the edges.


  1. Eeeek Bridal Shower, invites and wedding shoes!!!! I'm so excited for you hun!!! :) xoxo

  2. Sounds like such an exciting month! Hope everything goes perfectly! xoxo

  3. Glad things are working out!

  4. The weather is supposed to be nice ALL WEEK!!! I have my doubts, but I am still excited and hoping that it is!

  5. Shopping for wedding shoes will be so much fun. I have a sparkly gold pair of Christian Louboutin's picked out for when the time comes! Might as well buy something that I can wear again.

  6. You have lots of fun things on your calendar, goof for you. :)

  7. So many fun things ahead for you!

  8. Have fun!!!!


  9. Do you know that I have not once remembered to say rabbit, rabbit on the first of the month? NOT ONCE! I've known about this since you first blogged about it. And still....not once :(