Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Bellevue Newport Giveaway

 It's no secret that I am a huge, huge, HUGE fan of Bellevue Newport. I have been following their sales since the beginning and I have to say that my jewelry collection has grown exponentially since discovering them.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Bellevue Newport, it is a jewelry company that has facebook auctions every Monday and Wednesday night at 8:00pm EST. They sell the cutest items and have amazing prices that are cheaper than any of the other companies out there. Not to mention the owners have some pretty big hearts. Read this post for more on that. Win win!

Take a look at some of the jewelry that Bellevue has had in the past:
just kidding- the puppies weren't actually for sale but I can't resist a good opportunity to ogle Jack and Spot
These have been posted as teasers for tonight's sale:
awesome idea for a Christmukkah gift for someone

In short, I just love them.

Right before I went to Berlin, my love for Bellevue Newport grew when I got a message saying that in my honor (::humble brag::), they were going to be featuring whale earrings! (insert about a jillion and one high-pitched sorority girl squeals here if you will)
so cute! so perfect!
Of course I had to have them.

Since the best things come in small packages, Bellevue Newport is giving away 2 pairs of the Preppy Girl Meets World earrings to 2 lucky readers (that's one pair each in case your math is sometimes as bad as mine). Enter using the widget below and show them some serious love because the company really is amazing and they have adorable puppy mouths to feed.

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