Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Oy to the World

I love my faith. I really do. However, to quote Adam Sandler, it sucks "when you feel like the only kid in town without a Christmas tree." The one thing I hate about the holiday season is when I go shopping and stores are full of Christmas decorations and stuff, but either they have hardly any Hannukah decorations, or the ones that they do are generic and awful. My biggest pet peeve with Hannukah cards is that they are always the same- blue with a menorah on them. Yet Christmas gets the fun non religion-specific cards like polar bears drinking martinis. Who says that polar bears can't be Jewish?

This year, I am very happy to report that retailers have finally caught up to the fact that Jews like shopping and decorating too (shocking, I know!) and have several lovely Hannukah decor options to choose from.

First up- Pottery Barn:
How cute would these Tree of Life menorah platters be for serving latkes and jelly doughnuts on?

I love this Hannukah table throw (matching table runner and napkins also available).
I really wanted to get the full set but it was a bit impractical to spend over $200 on linens that I can use for only 8 days out of the year. Maybe when they go on super sale after Hannukah I can get them for next year?

Pottery Barn Kids:
I know this is technically for kids, but I love this glitter garland and would love to hang it up during the season and for pictures.
Again- technically for kids but I love this tumbler set for myself:

Also- while we're talking about Pottery Barn Kids, can we please talk about the fact that this dreidel set costs $29 (or did before it went on sale)?
Thank you Pottery Barn Kids for realizing that Jews are as willing to overspend on holiday stuff as our Christian brothers and sisters are.

Crate and Barrel:
Love that this Dancing Dreidel plate has more colors other than just blues on it!
I have a serious love of dreidels and collect them. I always get at least one new one for Hannukah (usually of the cheap plastic variety). Love this set of three dreidels.

I love practically everything Williams-Sonoma and I love baking, so naturally I was drawn to this Bundt pan. I love that because it's a Star of David, you can use it year round for other holidays and not just for Hannukah. And btw- Bed, Bath, and Beyond has a much cheaper version here.
While these mini iced cookies are adorable, Williams-Sonoma loses major points for these not being kosher.
Plenty of Jewish people eat only food that is certified kosher, so to me, it makes no sense to make a Hannukah food item not kosher because it means that you're excluding a large part of your customer base. (And in case you're wondering, I did in fact plan on giving these as a gift to someone until I contacted Williams-Sonoma and found out that they aren't kosher.) Boo.

Speaking of Bed, Bath, and Beyond and dreidels, how adorable are these?
I love fun and whimsical salt and pepper shakers and have them for many different occasions. I love love love the fact that these actually spin and can be used as real dreidels in a game! Someone get me these pretty please.

I love lip products and I love Not Soap, Radio products. I gave this 8 Days of Luscious Lips gift set to a friend one year for Hannukah and she loved it. It is a great value for $18 (love that it costs chai!) and all of their products are amazing.

Have you seen any fun Hannukah items in stores anywhere? Let me know if you do!


  1. My mother in law bought us those salt and pepper shakers! She also got our dog a squeaky toy dreidel which instead of a squeaker plays a VERY annoying version of the dreidel song! That lasted about 5 minutes. Have you checked out Target? They have some cute stuff and cards too!

  2. Target had some super cute stuff last year, but I haven't seen anything in stores or online this year.

    I was able to find some cute stuff for my friend at TJ Maxx earlier in the season.

  3. I can make you some custom ribbon if you like! I also have magnets, pocket mirrors and buttons :O)

  4. Some of that stuff is so adorable. You should watch for sales for sure!

  5. Oh my goodness, I love everything!! How gorgeous is this stuff!

  6. While I am not Jewish, I think all of these choices are so gorgeous! Esp the Williams-Sonoma plate. That is special and perfect for serving as you stated.

  7. I am now going to hunt down a polar bear Hannukah card. Maybe Target? I'm on a mission!

  8. hahah why can't polar bears be Jewish-great line! My boyfriends Jewish and I'm Catholic so I've warned him that I will one plan on decorating heavily celebrating both! My house will look like blue/white/red/and green overload haha! your picks are gorgeous!