Tuesday, September 21, 2010

every once in a while, you need to do a snarky post to get it out of your system

Things that have been annoying me lately:

1) People who did not hang out with me back in New York suddenly wanting to "come visit" me now that I live in Europe. I love having and hosting guests and want nothing more than to have my friends come visit me so that I can show them around. But if you have not seen me in person since 2003, do not message me on facebook saying you want to see me again and want to come visit me in Germany. Get a hotel.
2) Speaking of facebook, it drives me absolutely batty when people who know I don't live in New York or the United States any more invite me to events. I'm not talking about weddings and bridal/baby showers and significant events in my friends' lives. I'm talking about the Tuesday night happy hours with great drink specials. Oh yes, I'll be on the next flight over to JFK. I have replied "I don't live in the United States any more" to events so many times that I can now type it blindfolded.
3) People inviting themselves to my wedding. TLS and I have both heard "I hope I/we're invited to the wedding" from acquaintances. If you feel the need to invite yourself to my wedding, then it's probably because you weren't going to get invited in the first place.
4) My hair. I was going to get my hair cut right before I moved to Germany. One thing happened after another and the haircut never happened. At first I did not get my hair cut here because I did not know where to go, then when I was recommended a place by a friend, TLS and I drove there only to discover that it was closed on Saturdays after 2 (and everything in Germany is closed on Sundays). Now, my hair is getting bad. My split ends have split ends. Yes, I realize this is no one's fault but my own, and yes, I could have called before we drove over there, but I'm just very annoyed with my hair now. Suffice it to say that I have been wearing a lot of messy buns this past week or so.
5) The Air Force birthday ball is in a month and I still have nothing to wear. Seriously.
6) My first week in Germany, I ordered a bunch of body scrubs from a company that I was told shipped them on July 14th via Priority Mail. I had a hunch they never were shipped. When a month and a half had gone by and I still had not received them, I emailed the company and the woman in charge said she was going to resend me the package. That was 3 weeks ago. I still have not received proof of shipment, and am starting to doubt if I ever will. I am ready to contest the charges with my credit card company.


  1. and i continue to be amazed at how terribly rude people can be when it comes to other people's weddings. who is telling these people it's ok to invite themselves to someone else's major life event?!?!

  2. When you do end up going to a salon, let me know how they did. I'm going to be needing a cut in the next month or so, and I'm worried about where to go. I've heard mixed reviews about several different places.

  3. Seriously -- some people. I somewhat experience the same thing living in DC. Oh you wanted to bring your family for a visit?! Oh you wanted to use our couch and bathroom and laundry machine and all of the food in our fridge...sweet.

    Have a happy week! :)

  4. You might want to hurry on the disputed charge. It sounds like time is running out on that if it's been over a month since the charge appeared on your card.

    Good luck!

  5. I totally get you. You deserve the snarky post. I've had one brewing in my mind for a while, but haven't managed to write it.

    And, for the record, I totally want to invite myself to your wedding, because I think you're fabulous and want to see this wonderful event. But I'm also a grown up, who knows etiquette. And how to keep my mouth (well, typing?) shut! Some other people should be so smart, right? :-) Happy Tuesday love!

  6. I agree with you.... especially on points 1 & 3. As for the hair cut, I just went to the salon on base. It was a decent enough cut. And with them you just make an apt. and then no worries about being closed weird times on the weekend!

  7. Just in case you had time and were interested I wanted to give you the link to my PSA post for our young vets. I know TLS is still in service but these are some good things to keep in mind for whenever he's discharged.


  8. It surprises me how people like to insinuate themselves into your life, especially if you're living someplace splendid or exotic.

  9. Yep... sometimes it helps just to get it out! I would definitely contest the charges for the shipment you never received. How frustrating!

    I can't wait to see what dress you pick out for the ball. I love the mask you got for it!

  10. i totalllly agree about the facbeook invitations. really?? you can't just pick and choose people to invite.. you have to be so lazy as to innundate everyone?

    when i lived in greece i got emails from people i hadn't talked to in ages -- "oh we'll be stopping by, let's get together... hotels are SO pricey. how much does your couch cost?"