Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chai Y'all

About a year and a half ago, I discovered My Flip Flopz through the blogosphere. My apartment at the time needed some sprucing up, so I contacted her about making a sign for it.

This was the finished result:
a reference to one of my favorite Jimmy Buffett songs

When I moved to Germany, it got hung up on the wall of our office. The wall had two nails on it (from a hideous painting that came with the house), and I never for the life of me could figure out what to hang on the other nail.

Then one day, TLS told me how growing up, his Nana had a sign hanging in her house that said

He didn't know what happened to the sign but wished that he had it now.

A bit of a lesson here: that symbol is the Hebrew word for "life." It is considered to be a very lucky symbol in Judaism. It is pronounced Chai, but with an h sound, so the sign would sound like "hi y'all."

Anyhoo, I thought this was one of the awesomest things ever, and I knew we had to have one. I emailed Susie to see if she could make me another sign to hang next to my Fins Up one. I also linked her to the Wikipedia page for Chai. I was sure she was going to think that I had lost a few a marbles. Then this showed up in our mailbox:

We currently have the two signs hanging next to each other, but hope to move the Chai Y'all one next to our entryway.