Thursday, February 23, 2012

DIY Makeup Brush Holder

I love all of the Macbeth Collection's cute, colorful tin accessories. I could literally spend hours on there playing around with all of their patterns. In fact, on some days, I have.

When I saw these cute Bitsy Buckets on their website, I knew that I just had to have one for all of my makeup brushes.
Then I went to go check out. I was so preoccupied with figuring out which of their many patterns to get, that I never even bothered to let the cost sink in. $25 for the bucket, plus $10 for the monogram, and an additional $10 for shipping meant that I would have ended up paying $45 for something that was just going to sit in my bathroom. No thank you. Scratch that idea.

About 2 weeks ago, TLS and I were in Ikea when I spotted this planter there.
At just 1,29 ($1.99 in the US), it was cute, and not outrageously expensive. I grabbed the one on the right with the tiny flowers and decided to order a monogram decal for it. About 30 minutes and $4 later on Etsy, I had ordered a navy blue monogram. This was all done when I was still in the car on the way to France from Ikea. (The Ikea we go to is roughly 15-20 minutes from the French border and there is a HUGE Target-type store there that has an incredible selection of wine, cheese, and fresh fruit, so when we go to Ikea, we like to make a day of it and go there too.)

When I got home, I realized that the planter was a bit too tall for some of my shorter brushes. Some twitter and google sleuthing later, I found little plastic beads similar to what they have in the jars at Sephora for $7.24 on Amazon. Since we have Prime- I ordered those right away. (Side note: the beads they use in the jars in Sephora are actually glass, and those get expensive rather quickly, so I went with plastic ones instead.)

Both the beads and the monogram decal arrived at the same time (how convenient) so of course I had to put it together right away. I used about half of the bag of beads, maybe a little more, so I would probably have been fine just buying the 8 oz. sized bag, but I wasn't sure of how much I needed at the time of purchase and decided to order the 16 oz. bag to be sure since it was less than a dollar more.

Here is the finished product on my bathroom windowsill:
In my opinion, it looks great and is definitely more reasonably priced than the Macbeth Collection ones.

Total cost of project = $13.23
planter: $1.99
monogram decal: $4.00 including shipping (purchased from here- I went with the 2" monogram in Dark Blue, Matte)
plastic beads (if you need them): $7.24 on Amazon (if you are lucky enough to live near a craft store or dollar store, you might be able to get them for cheaper)


  1. That is so perfect! Target has had those small buckets for a $1.00 and I have picked up a few. I use one for pens on my desk, another for my Clarisonic, and one for my makeup brushes too. I love how you dressed your's up.

  2. Oooh, I'm just now seeing your blog makeover and I love it! SO you. And this is just the cutest project idea. I love it!!

  3. Oh my goodness how cute! I bought a few $1 buckets at target now I just need to get a few monograms! xo

  4. That's really cute!! It makes me feel much better about leaving my makeup brushes out for the world to see!

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  5. Love it! I never think to leave my brushes standing up in a cup like that. They're always lying flat in a drawer.

  6. What a wonderful idea. It truly is adorable and I love it!

  7. this looks great! see, you're not so bad at DIY! proud of you!

  8. omg so adorable :) im gong to make one this weekend now!

  9. This is such an amazing project!! Love it!
    ♡ Lexi
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  10. Oh my gosh what a great idea! I am definitely going to follow suit. Love ur blog! Definitely a new follower.

  11. That is such a great solution, and it's all you, I love it! You could probably make and sell those if so inclined...!

    Sending you a smile,

  12. what a cute idea!! i love the frugalista aspect of the entire project! :)

  13. Loop this is so cute!! I currently have my brushes in a mason jar, but this would be a great update!

  14. I love love love this! What a great idea. I need one of these for both desks and my bathroom items also!