Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Question

Does anyone know if in addition to the 17th month agenda, Lilly will be offering a regular 12 month one? I have a Lilly day planner for 2010 that I love and don't want to quit using in August just because there's a new one out. I'm also not thrilled about the idea of buying a new agenda now, paying for 17 months and only using two thirds of it (January- December). I get why Lilly would make an agenda that corresponds with the school year, that makes perfect sense, but at age 27 and not being in school, I have zero use for a 17 month one. I really hope that Lilly continues to make the regular one as well. If not, there's always Kate Spade, I guess.


  1. I'm a student and prefer the regular 12 month ones. I hope they're continuing with those. I would assume they have to since they had those last year.

  2. I've been wondering that myself. If they're switching to 17-month ones, I'll make the switch but if they'll still have 12-month ones, I'd like to wait for those.

  3. I agree. I left my lovely Kate Spade for the Lilly one--and am now nervous if I don't buy the 17-month ones they may sell out before they publicize if they are also offering the 12-month ones.

  4. My guess was these were coming out for the school year, and then 2011 12-month ones would come out in the fall?

  5. This is a good topic, we have had a few customers ask the same thing.

    At this point there is no plan to return to the 12-month format. According to Lifeguard Press (the Lilly paper folks), unless there is a significant hue and cry (my words, I'm paraphrasing) for the 12-month format to return, the 17 month format is what they'll be making.

    Hope that helps,

  6. New Lilly Pulitzer patterns are now out for July delivery. they are the 17 month style in four new colors. Check them out!
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