Monday, July 12, 2010

Mail mix up

This week, I had a slight panic breakdown. I discovered that a giveaway item I had won got returned to sender because it was addressed to me c/o TLS. Overseas, using the APO is a privilege, not a right, so until I get command sponsored, I am not allowed to receive mail here on base under my name. I was informed that any mail addressed to me would be discarded or returned to sender. This 1) explained why I never got that J. Crew package with the super cute flip flops, and 2) caused me to break down into tears as I realized that I would not be receiving any birthday cards from my friends this year, and that all of my mail (including my last American cell phone and electricity bills) was getting forwarded to our APO address. I love getting mail. I love the thrill of oprlening a mail box and seeing something in there with my name on it, I love seeing what cute stationery my friends are using, and I love the little break that I get in my day to read and write cards. I usually try to send out several letters or cards a week, so for me to not be able to receive mail is downright tragic.

After my twitter and facebook breakdowns,I have received quite a few questions asking about sending me mail. To everyone who asked,here is the answer:
*any packages (anything weighing more than one pound) for me need to be addressed to TLS. You can put "for MRM" on the box.
*cards can be addressed to me, but they have to be put in care of TLS. To be better safe than sorry, also send those to TLS, and put for MRM somewhere on there. A sorority sister and fellow blogger sent me a card like this and I got it today! It made my whole day and I was so happy to finally have mail that I whimpered a little in the base mail room.

I can not wait until I am command sponsored and can get mail under my own name again!!!

If you have sent me anything in the past few weeks and I have not acknowledged it, please do not be offended, rather take it to mean that I did not receive it.


  1. OH NO!

    I sent you a birthday card, but put your name on it, without anything about TLS. If it gets returned, I will resend it ASAP!

  2. I'm so sorry this is happening to you!! I had a moment of who should I send this to with your bday gift and last minute I decided to address it to TLS and put (MRM) after it. I'm so glad I did!! Geez, and I'll just be sending any other mail to him as well - you'll know it's for you!! :)
    ALAM xoxox

  3. Did you get the card I sent to your house?

  4. Did you get the card I sent to your house?

  5. OMG Sorry if you get this comment 8 times. Did you get the card I sent to your house?