Friday, October 1, 2010

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit.

Happy October.

I have been having a lot of blah/icky/low self esteem days and am determined to put all that negativity behind me tand start off fresh.

Things that I am looking forward to this month:
1) Going to Oktoberfest tomorrow.
2) The Air Force Birthday Ball. (So the fact that I have nothing to wear is just a minor setback.)
3) The Snoopy Longchamp bag.

I have decided that I am getting this bag. And once I decide on something and set my mind to it,. I do what it takes to get what I want.  Even if it involves another trip to London or Paris. Oh. Darn.
4) A few fun giveaways that I have planned.
5) Trick or treaters.
I grew up in an area where it was not common to go Trick or Treating. I always wanted trick or treaters but never got any. When I moved to Brooklyn, I thought "this is my year" and bought some candy. And then proceeded to eat it all because no one showed up at my door. The one good thing about living at an Air Force base is that it is teeming with kids. I have plans to hang out at my friend's house passing out candy.
6) Pink products for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
7) Funfetti!

Thanks to some wonderful blog friends, I now finally have some funfetti cake mixes and frosting! I also got my first ever Bundt pan from Rue La La in the mail yesterday. I am pondering making a funfetti bundt cake to celebrate. We'll see.
8) Reading all of Denise Swanson's books.

She is an Alpha Sigma Alpha like me as well as an author who writes a series of detective books. I have heard amazing things about them but have never read them. Thankfully, KMH sent me all of her books so I can read them for myself.


  1. rabbit rabbit to you!! i hope your bundt cake turns out fabulously, you must post pictures!!

  2. Have a FABULOUS month! It's easy to get down, but harder to get back to positive thinking...all of those things you listed certainly put me in a good mood though! Trip to Paris or London to buy a new Longchamp bag -- yes please! :)

  3. Well @#$%#!!!! I was supposed to say that first thing when I woke up today, right? I forgot. I reminded myself all week. And then i forgot :( Does it count if I say it now? Hmmm...

  4. I whole heartedly support the fact that you *need* the Snoopy Longchamp. It is so amazingly you! =)

  5. Love this post Miss Preppy Girl, even if a little tardy to the party!

    That Snoopy Bag is darling, I still have to do the stuff you posted weeks ago!

    Sending you a hug,