Friday, October 29, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer resort

A little while ago, TLS and I went out for dinner with one of our friends here. NSB is special because he is one of maybe 5 guys (if even that many) that actually reads my blog. I had made a comment about Lilly Pulitzer to TLS (I forget in what context) and he said "what's Lilly Pulitzer?" Since you cannot read my blog and not know Lilly Pulitzer, I promised him that I would do a Lilly post for him soon. With the Resort collection freshly arriving, I thought this would be the perfect time to do said post. (As a side note, to all of my Jewish readers, he's single.)

I have said many times before, and I will keep saying it, but the Jonah dress is one of my favorite styles of Lilly dresses. It is my go-to dress when I have nothing else to wear. So naturally, both of the Jonahs are on my wishlist.
I am seriously thinking about getting this one and wearing it for our engagement photos.

I love the cut and color of this Kiki dress. The $328 price tag? Not so much. However if I could get it, this would be the perfect dress to wear to holiday parties.

Loving this Connie dress. Perfect for just about anything, including Friday night services, which, coincidentally, is how we know NSB.

You can never go wrong with a classic boatneck top. Much like last year's Casey V-neck, I anticipate buying this in just about every single color it comes in.

What items are you most looking forward to from the Resort collection?


  1. 1. i LOVE the Jonahs, too. however, the keys pattern has the print done in an almost acrylic over top of the fabric- it feels tacky to the touch, it's a bit odd. although sister dependable has it and she doesn't complain. i'm weird, i guess.
    2. i just purchased the connie and am OBSESSED!!

  2. I love the Jonah! I missed out on last year's, so I am definitely thinking about getting this one! Love the splash of pink throughout the pattern as well.

  3. I have to make the light blue Jonah mine! :)