Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lilly Pulitzer Endless Summer Sale

sorry y'all couldn't find a picture of the actual Lilly bunnies, I tried
I have been having some pretty crazy dreams lately and had a great one the night before the Lilly sale. (For anyone new reading this post, I should backtrack a bit here and say that I am completely bunny crazy. I would pretty much give anything to be able to have a pet bunny.) Anyhoo, so in this dream of mine, I was shopping the Lilly sale and the GWP promotion for it was that for every pink and green Slinky you bought, you got a free bunny. And I don't mean one of these types of bunnies:

I mean something that looked more along the lines of this:

Now don't ask me what Lilly Pulitzer was doing 1) selling Slinkies, and 2) giving out live bunnies. All I remember was scratching my head and thinking "ok but what am I going to do with a Slinky? my husband only likes the metal ones." Of course, at that point, it didn't really matter. I had already mentally stuck a Lilly print bow on top of her head in between her ears and nicknamed her Molly.

Anyhoo, like every other blogger out there, I was anxiously awaiting the Lilly sale. I had my birthday money set aside for it. When it finally started, I had a bit of a home court advantage, because of the 6 hour time difference and I was refreshing my phone every.2.minutes!

My first impression of the sale was that it was much better organized than last year's. I was glad for the free shipping because it meant you could buy each item individually and avoid things selling out from your cart, and I was impressed that the site did not seem to be crashing.

Here is what I got away with:
Glorie Diamond Stitch Sweater
Katia wrap slub
Mandy V-Neck top
Murfee Scarf- It's Getting Hot in Here
Tablecloth- mine is actually in the blue toile print. One of my favorite purchases!
I was so proud of myself. I bought a lot of great items at a great price, did not get anything I didn't need, and did not go overbudget.

Then. I got the dreaded email. Due to overselling, one or more of my items had been cancelled and I was being given a $25 credit to compensate. Of course the email didn't actually say what those items were. Insert panic. Then I woke up to discover that two of my most favorite purchases had gotten the axe.
Penn Fleece Jacket in Navy
Ironically enough, the day before the sale, my husband and I were talking about how I needed a new black or navy fleece for the fall, so when I saw this on sale in my size for $34, I knew it was a good sign and he told me to get it. It wasn't a good sign apparently.

Adalie Wrap Dress- Bright Navy Painter's Palette
One of my favorite dresses and the only one I had purchased this time around. I love wrap dresses and loved the print on this one. Sadly it was not meant to be. :( TLS and I are still angry over that one.


  1. Great LP finds...I believe the Lilly sale was responsible for the earthquake on the East Coast yesterday! xx

  2. I heart that white wrap! I have it! xxxoo

  3. good finds! Sorry to here about the Fleece :(

  4. Looks like you still got some good finds! You'll wear that white wrap a ton!

    PS - I just did a post on what I was able to snag!

  5. oh wow - you made out realllly well!!

    i'm sorry your two fave items got cancelled - but that $25 credit is kind of a great incentive!

  6. I gor the blue toile table cloth, too! It is my favorite!! xoxo

  7. Oh, I love all that you picked out. Makes me sad I missed the sale!

  8. I didnt get to the sale as soon as I wanted to but I did score some fabulous items.