Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Midweek randoms

*Husband surprised me with an iPad last night. It's the white 16GB one. I need to get the pink Smart Cover for it still.
*Have spent the past day playing around with it and setting it up. Do any of you iPad users have any apps that you recommend?
*Am still in a lot of pain. Going up stairs is easier than going down for. For the most part, I still spend most of my days in bed. I need help getting dressed and doing things like that. When we go to the commissary or BX, I use the scooter to get around. Considering I don't even know how to drive, it has been a bit of an adventure. I once crashed into a stockpile of boxes of Crown Royal bottles! Good thing none of them got damaged!
*TLS bought me one of these.

The reacher. When he first got it for me, I thought he was crazy and felt like an old lady. But it has really come in handy and playing with the trigger has been fun!
*For anyone reading this who might be wondering what's going on, I got some nerve damage in my left femoral nerve. Hopefully it's temporary, but that has been the source of a lot of my pain.
*We ordered a lot of different K cups for our Keurig. Despite the fact that I really hate coffee, I really have been looking forward to them finally getting here. I have been craving iced coffee like crazy lately!
*Have spent the past few days watching Royal Pains on DVD. Love that show.
*Our sushi place finally reopened from their summer break. Thank goodness!

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  1. I really like worda with friends and word search on my pad

    xx Emily @

  2. Words with friends, scrabble, angry birds, plants vs zombies, pandora, just a few of my faves!

  3. We dont like coffee either, but love the teas and hot chocolate for the Kuerig - you might want to check them out! I'm partial to Ceslestial Seasonings since they are made not far from us!

  4. I love my Keurig, it's the best! And props to the hubs, I'm so jealous you got an iPad! I am dying to get one. I think they look so fun!

    Feel better soon!!