Wednesday, September 2, 2009

discussion topic of the day- Wii games

TLS's birthday is on September 18th, so I am bringing his birthday present along with a lot of other presents to England with me. (After packing my suitcase, I realized that more of its contents were for him than for me. Hm.) Originally, I was going to keep his birthday present a surprise and just tease him with it, but I had to tell him because I got him a Wii and wanted his opinion on putting it in my suitcase vs. carrying it on, etc. Ever since I told him, he has been as giddy as a schoolgirl who just got winked at by a Jonas Brother. We have both spent a considerable amount of free time searching for Wii games online and he ordered some games, some cables for the Wii so that it can work in Europe, and a set of pink remote skins (for yours truly) and I am bringing those with me as well.

When I was younger, I never really got into video games and cared about them. (Being the cool kid that I was, the closest thing I ever got to a video game or console was having Tetris on my TI-83 calculator in high school.) However, I have to say that I am all about the Wii. I have played it a few times and it gets so addicting. I cannot seem to grasp the concept of standing still and just waving my arms around, so for tennis and ping pong, I actually run forward to get the ball, as if I am actually playing tennis, and this gets quite amusing for people to watch. (I did that at a sorority sister's house on Friday night, and she said she had more fun watching me play than actually playing herself.) Another thing that gets addicting is actually making the Wii Miis for the games. (No clue if I spelled that right.) The first hour or so of Friday night's Wiifest was spent with me trying out every single possible eye and hair color combination, twice, and asking such deeply thought provoking questions as "does this nose make my Mii's face look fat?" Take a moment to ponder that one folks.

Since TLS and I are still fairly new to the wonderful world of Wii ownership and mania, my discussion topic for this week is Wii games. Which ones do you love, hate, and can't live without? I have had my eye on Balloon Pop, but TLS didn't get it. Being that I, at times, have the mental capacity of a 5 year old child, especially when colorful objects are involved, I can pretty much picture myself standing at the Wii all day just popping balloons. And taking Coca-Cola breaks.


  1. I just bought my husband the Sports Resort game and it is really fun to play with two people- but you will need to get an add'l remote in order to play with two people. Have a wonderful time in London!

  2. I haven't quite made it to the Wii stage yet. I'm still in the 80s playing Rock Band. Ha=)

  3. I love our Wii. We really enjoy party games and my personal fave is carnival games (kind of childish but well I guess I am too) :)

  4. ahaha I think that ballooon game sounds fun!
    I looove when you said "he has been as giddy as a schoolgirl who just got winked at by a Jonas Brother". I literally laughed out loud.

  5. Wario Ware Smooth Moves - it's hilarious!

  6. I LOVE my wii!! Just got it in June for my birthday. Um, that Balloon Pop game looks awesome, I've never heard of it. Currently my favorite games are the sports disc & mario kart. I have a pirate game I got off ebay for like $8 that has really fun sword fighting!
    I'm like you and get really active and into it when playing :)

  7. I LOVE our Wii!! Our current games are: Carnival Games, Outdoor Adventure, Family Game Night, Wii Fit, Wii Active, Tiger Woods, Madden, Shaun White, Wii Play

    Our list of things to get:
    Sports Resort, Mario Kart, Super Mario Brothers, Family Game Night 2

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