Friday, September 18, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

KMH can breathe easy now, I'm finally blogging. Ever since TLS and I found out that we'd be moving to Germany and I would have a house to decorate, I've been nesting hard core. I signed up for every home accessories catalog available, have created wishlists on several sites, and have started flagging/clipping pictures of things I like. At the Barbara Barry sale on Rue La La a while back, we bought an adorable set of four rocks glasses with chairs on them, and are keeping them in the box so that they are the first thing that we bought together for our new house.

I have quite a lot of things on my wishlists, so this is the condensed version, in no particular order:

I absolutely love this set of tea cup hooks from Uncommon Goods. I think that they're both quirky and practical at the same time. ($28 each)
It doesn't actually get much quirkier than this "You are Here" Doormat, also from Uncommon Goods, $24. When I showed this to TLS, his response was "I don't get it- are we planning on having a round door?" Way to not have a sense of humor about things.

I realize that I have already posted this once before, but there is absolutely no way that this print will not make it into our kitchen. Everything about it screams MRM from a mile away. $26 from Etsy seller jennysbakeshop.

I love entertaining guests, and since TLS and I are both big iced green tea drinkers, this wonderful pitcher from Tiffany ($165) is on our list of things we need, not want.

My friend JMK received this beautiful Acacia Salad Bowl set from Bed, Bath, and Beyond ($30) at her bridal shower, and I loved it so much that I had to register us for one as well. I love wood salad bowls, and the picture does not do this one justice.
Since TLS knows my love of pretty, fun coffee mugs, he agreed that when we finally get our own house, we can get a full set of the Lilly Pulitzer mugs. Wee. Where else would we buy them from but my favorite store, the Preppy Princess? $14.50 each.

I'm going to end this post here to prevent myself from going overboard and clogging up anyone's screen. If you see something that you think I just need to have for our house, please email me. Have a fabulous weekend to all, and if you are Jewish, Shana Tova u Metukah!!!


  1. Shana Tova!

    I own the Tiffany pitcher and love it!

  2. I cannot believe you do not own that cupcake print already! It screams "MRM" all over it! xoxo BFF JILL

  3. I have a wooden salad bowl - it is one of my favorite things to bring out at a party! You should see if you can find a set with smaller bowls that match - it sets a nice table.

  4. So fun that you get to pick out things for your home together!! I love looking through home catalogs and online and picking out what I think I might want. Its got to be even more fun to pick items out for real :)

  5. These are ALL AWESOME! I LOVE the ideas - especially the teacups! Thanks for sharing and have a great day! :o)

  6. It is so cool to read that you are nesting, planning how you and TLS will do your home together, that is wonderful! The cupcake print is excellent, and the wooden salad bowl something we grew up with. It is all such a fun list Miss Flip Flops, very exciting to think about!