Friday, June 26, 2009

The best blog you aren't reading

Recently I have discovered and become obsessed with Children of the Nineties. Every day, she posts random factoids about Nineties pop culture and recently became my own personal hero when she wrote about LFO (that's Lyte Funky Ones!) and one of the guys from the band commented on her post. I think she is totally deserving of a cyberspace pedestal and more readers and am inviting all of you to go and check her out and reminisce.

Here are some reasons for why this is the blog for you:
1) You ever sported the Rachel haircut.
2) You can still do the Fresh Prince rap.
3) You know the meaning of a/s/l.
4) Yo quiero Taco Bell.
5) You still have a crush on JTT.


  1. Thanks so much for the blog love :) Of course, I love your blog, too!

  2. Thanks for the head's up! It looks like a fantastic addition to my blog reading :)

  3. haha, I was totally in love with JTT and still randomly sing the Fresh Prince song!

  4. I choose all of the above. Thanks for the blog suggestion - love it!

  5. I just started doing the rap to Fresh Prince! I was in love with the Rachel cut too!

  6. It is weird that you wrote about LFO because we were talking about them this weekend. My bf's dad sat by them on a plane to California when they first began and they gave him a demo. He said they were super strarge! haha

  7. She wrote about LFO? I love her already! I just downloaded a ton of their music the other day. I had all their CDs back in the day, but I definitely can't find them these days!