Friday, June 12, 2009

favorite things

Hope everyone had a good week and enjoyed better weather than us NYC people did. Rain ALL week. It finally stopped but only for a few hours apparently. I guess April showers don't actually end in April? I thought this week it would be appropriate to do an umbrella post. I don't like plain black umbrellas and love quirky, fun, colorful ones. I think they are a fun way to stand out from the crowd and can brighten up a dreary day. (I despise things falling out of the sky with a passion- rain, hail, and don't even get me started on snow.)

The first umbrella on this list actually is black, with a twist. The inside is blue with white clouds, based on a painting from one of my favorite artists, Rene Magritte. $35 from the Art Institute of Chicago shop.
Next is an anything-but-black umbrella from Vera Bradley. A few years ago, I was really into Vera Bradley and acquired a rather large collection. When it became trendier and turned into something that everyone and their mother started carrying, I lost interest and have since then started getting rid of my collection. However, I love the new Bali Gold print, and think that it is great for accessories, like this umbrella. ($28)

A fun, uber-girly one from one of my new favorite stores, SB Design Studio. ($34.95)

The umbrella I currently use: (don't have an actual picture of it, taken from the website)

A blue monogrammed A. Tierney. I got the children's sized umbrella at the sample sale which is about the same size as a regular adult umbrella, and got it monogrammed with a hot pink monogram on it. So cute! Available on the website for $18 plus $10 monogramming.

A pretty pink one from Coach. ($88)
A slightly more muted one from J. Crew. ($19.99)Lastly, I found these beautiful umbrellas on a Japanese site. They are attributed to French designer Atelier LZC. The company's site just brings up a white screen and I cannot find them online. However, they are just too pretty to not include. If you speak Japanese, or can figure out how to navigate the site, you can get them here for $38.18.


  1. All my umbrellas break!! its horrible, xxxoo

  2. My favorite umbrella (that handled NYC wind tunnels) was a Sun Tote made about 6 years back to benefit breast cancer. It's pink and white striped. The best part? It folded up small, but was as large as a golf umbrella! Perfect :)

    But after 4 rainy seasons, it kicked the dust. I have yet to find something as strong (and big and small) as it... Maybe one of these?

  3. I love you A Tierney umbrella. I thought about getting one, but remember reading they were a child's size and got scared. However the handle and the monogram are calling my name now that I have the scoop!

  4. These are all very cute Miss MRM, and we could definitely use them here in The Great Midwest as the rain keeps coming. :(