Thursday, June 4, 2009

Not Soap Radio

Do you remember this post where I reviewed some of Not Soap Radio's products? Well, I mentioned that there was one lip gloss that I received which did not work for me. Well, I brought the lip gloss with me to Chicago to have KMH try it to see if she'd like it better, and received this unsolicited review from her in my email about a week or two later:

That lip gloss that wasn't the right color for you?I'm obsessed with it - its a perfect color for me. And it goes on very smooth, not tacky and sticky like some glosses can be.It gets an 8/10 for long-lasting-ness (I reapply about twice in an evening).
Its really kind of like lipstick in a gloss. That is the best way I can think to describe it, in terms of texture and color saturation.
check plus!


  1. That's awesome!! I love it when things like that work out! :)

  2. love it when my less-than-perfect products work well for a friend! I'm obsessed with not soap radio's "the phoenix" body wash!