Friday, June 5, 2009

favorite things

I apologize for last week's hiatus and a lack of a favorite things post, but it is back this week in full force. In honor of my love for my sorority and the fact that the school year is now over and I don't have to deal with collegian drama until September, the theme for this week is ladybugs. Lis and KMH, start squealing now.

First on the list is an adorable ladybug bangle bracelet from Kate Spade. Thank you to Lis for bringing this to my attention. ($95) Kate Spade also has earrings and a ring to match.
From Anthropologie, a potholder in my favorite color combination to match the rest of my kitchen beautifully, $12.
From Crane, a set of 25 engraved notecards with lined envelopes, $29.
From J. Crew, adorable flip flops, $24.50. I already have a pair of ladybug flip flops from J. Crew in a different color, if you think this is going to stop me, then you are mistaken.

A. Tierney keyfob, $10.
Going under the "dare to dream" category- Tiffany & Co. ladybug charm with diamonds, $3,375.

Finally, two items that are not available online, but are too cute to not be shared. Currently my favorite dress in my wardrobe, a silk DvF wrap dress with hot pink and red ladybugs on it.

I found this dress in an Off 5th last summer and bought it to wear at our national convention. It is so comfortable and flattering and everyone went crazy over the ladybug print. I will now be bringing this dress to every single ASA summer conference between now and the day I die.

TLS would be hurt if I did not include this, so here it is. Tesco is Britain's version of Target and they created a line of green bags with a ladybug design on them. When I saw someone shopping at Trader Joe's, I emailed TLS and pleaded for him to send me one. And he did. I love this bag so much. It is HUGE and I have started using it as an overnight bag. When I went to Trader Joe's last weekend, I brought it with me and the checkout guy did not believe me when I said that I could fit 19 grocery items into one shopping bag. I clearly proved him wrong. Sadly, I have used this bag a little too much, and it is now starting to come apart. Fortunately, there is one en route to me as I type. (The one advantage to a long distance relationship.)


  1. i love the lady bugs!

  2. Such a cute post :) Love the ring!

  3. The dress is adorable!!!

  4. i love the pot holders from anthropologie!!

  5. Cute, cute things Miss Flip-Flops, we know you love your ladybugs!

    Sending you a smile,

  6. I'm so jealous of your dress!!! Ahhh!! LOVE IT!!

    And I know that the kate spade jewelry and the j crew flip flops WILL be on my bday list next month!!

    Such great finds!! I LOVED this post!!

    I hope you had a great weekend!!!

  7. Great finds. Love the ladybug stuff.

  8. Love the Kate Spade bracelet!

  9. I love the ladybug charm from Tiffany. Here comes my expensive taste coming out ;)