Monday, May 17, 2010

Shop MRM's closet!

So as you all know, I am currently in the process of packing my life away into boxes and cleaning out my closet. One former habit that I am very much trying to break is buying things, keeping the tags on them, and then never actually wearing them. I am listing a lot of things that are in great or new condition on my other blog to help 1) cut down on the sheer amount of stuff I have to take to Germany with me, and 2) raise money to help pay the cost of moving all of my stuff to Germany. It is very appropriately titled Help Me Pay for My Move. Please check it out. I of course combine shipping and will be listing more stuff on it all this month!


  1. Where in Germany are you moving to again? I think you may have told me but I can't find it anywhere lol. The best thing (besides being in the center of Europe) about Germany is that you don't need to buy new clothes! Although I would anyways lol. Both of us being from CT and NY, the weather is the same here as back home.

  2. Oh we go there every Sunday almost! They have Chili's and Macaroni Grill and a decent size movie theatre. The px is like the size of a mall with a food court and everything and the commissary is HUGE! Oh youre ganna like it! They have free concerts too sometimes, Toby Keith was there for free recently.