Friday, August 21, 2009

Beverage Swap Partners

Thank you to everyone who signed up for my beverage swap! I had a great response and I hope that you all have fun with this one! My method for assigning partners was very scientific. I use alternating colors pink and green pop up post its at work. I wrote each participant's name on a post it note. There ended up being an equal amount of pink and green post its, so I just picked them so each pink was paired with a green. :) With that said, here are the partners:

1) Samantha Hub (Samantha.Hubel at gmail dot com)- Sarah (sarahwoody03 at gmail dot com)
2) Yarn Sniper (leta95b at yahoo dot com)- Sarah Elizabeth (sarahelizabeth0314 at gmail dot com)
3) Little Pink Magnolia (gadpaiaa at evms dot edu)- kmb564 (kimbayma at gmail dot com)
4) Pink Cupcake (clarapinkcupcake at gmail dot com)- Kaitlin (lifeofabusywife at gmail dot com)
5) Chani (chaniwiesman at gmail dot com)- Southern Starlet (southernstarlet31 at gmail dot com)
6) Gwendolyn (harkinsg at gmail dot com)- But Call me Carrie (carrie.m.dyer at gmail dot com)
7) Mrs. McB (mrscarissamcb at gmail dot com)- Lisa (lkoivu at gmail dot com)
8) *kimmie* (kschiffel at mac dot com)- Turtles in North Dakota (turtletraxtoo at gmail dot com)
9) Michelle (theurbanwhisk at gmail dot com)- KMH (kristinhuben at hotmail dot com)
10) me (whaleflipflops at gmail dot com)- Headbangs and Hand Bags (headbandsandhandbags at gmail dot com)-
11) Deals, Steels, and Heels (hayley.ethridge at gmail dot com)- Preppy Coastee (coasteeblueeyes20 at aol dot com)

Email your partners, have fun, happy shopping, and please be sure to let your swap partner know of any dietary restrictions that you may have. Be sure to post pictures of your goodies once you get them. If you don't have a blog, email them to me and I can post them for you.



  2. just realized....the email you posted for me is spelled wrong, there's no E in the middle....just ethridge.

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  4. Thanks for organizing all of this MRM! :)