Friday, August 7, 2009

Favorite Things Friday

This week's favorite things comes to you courtesy of my hair. Let me explain- I have more hair issues than any one I've ever met. I describe my hair as looking like a black sheep that's been left out in the rain for too long. Seriously folks. It's that curly and that attractive. I get Japanese straightening done on my hair to make it look nice and be more manageable. The problem with Japanese straightening (aside from the borderline astronomical cost) is that you can only get it done every 4-6 months to allow your roots to grow in. I was supposed to get mine done on Memorial Day weekend, but TLS was in town, and then one thing led to another, and somehow, I was never free for 6 hours in one day to get it done. I finally decided to wait until right before my trip to England so that my hair can look perfect for it and I don't have to spend time straightening my hair then. (TLS says he'll obviously wait for me to get ready, but being that he's a guy who gets mandated haircuts every two weeks, I don't think he understands just how long it takes for me to do my hair.)

Since the bottom part of my hair looks fine, and it's just the top part that I don't like, I have been wearing a lot of baseball caps and headbands lately. So this week's favorite things post is all about headbands.

A cute polka dotted one from Tucker Blair, on sale for $25.

A hair sash from Vineyard Vines in one of my favorite colors, $24.50.
This time a headband from Vineyard Vines, also in one of my favorite color combinations, $30.A cute sporty one from A. Tierney, $18.Another one from A. Tierney as well, this one is for girls, not women, but I have a small head, and it's so cute that I would hope it could work for me, $18.

A cute colorful one from Baekgaard, $20.

The following two headbands are too thin to actually do anything but my monstrous hair (I realize I may be exxagerating a little, but not by much), but are still too cute to not post.

From crewcuts, a thin one with delicate flowers, perfect for evening, $16.50.
From Fornash, another fun thin one for evening, $38. (Like I was not going to post something that has a ladybug on it...)That's all for this week folks. Enjoy your weekends, have fun, and I will hopefully survive the bridal shower on Sunday and will provide you with a recap on Monday.


  1. I am wearing the green TB headband now!! So funny that you posted it today!

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the blue Vineyard Vines one. Headbands look so stupid on me though. I think it is because of my ginormous forehead!
    I can't believe you sit in a hairdressers for 6 hours! I stopped dying my hair because I couldn't stand sitting there doing nothing for 2 hours.

  3. I would hate to have to choose just one of those headbands, they are all adorable!