Tuesday, August 4, 2009

One month to go

No real post of substance here, but today marks 1 month until I leave for England to see TLS. Just to make sure I didn't forget, TLS surprised me and had these delivered to my office this morning:

Yes I did squeal like a little girl when I got them. And yes, several coworkers have asked me who they're from, is it my birthday, and what's the occassion. (Please excuse 1) the picture, it was taken with my camera phone, and 2) the mess on my desk.) Aren't they beautiful?

If you haven't yet done so, you can still enter my British Treats giveaway here. I realized after I reread it, that I said that the giveaway would run until September 13th, but the prize would be of the winner's choosing, so that doesn't work. Durf. The giveaway will actually run until September 3rd, and I will contact the winner to see if he (or he) wants loose tea or in bags.


  1. Oh my gosh those are gorgeous!

  2. I wish I was visiting England in a month! My parents just moved back to the states from living there for the past few years, it was amazing!

  3. I have missed so much of your blog since my computer died :(

    Catching up... ADORE the flowers :)