Monday, May 11, 2009

weekend recap

Friday night, I was supposed to go see the Wolverine movie with one of my sisters. I had to work late and was so exhausted from this week, that we ended up postponing. (Like I've said before, I work in a place where it is very rare to work more than the standard 35-hour work week, and I worked 50 last week, so our payroll department is going to have a field day when they process my timesheet.) Friday was my first time back at my apartment. I got to catch up on my mail, use my Clarisonic brush, etc. I was so exhausted from work that I ended up going to bed at like 10pm. Saturday morning I got woken up by the postman. I got a package from TLS. He was on vacation in Ireland and Germany and sent me some souvenirs. Here's what was in it:
A set of three shotglasses from Ireland- one with the harp, one with shamrocks, and one with a claddagh on it, one box of Irish truffles, a Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, 7 Curly Wurly bars (the greatest candy EVER!), one Guinness Chocolate Pint.

Do y'all see a theme here? He did good. The Irish Truffles are amazing and the box is about halfway gone. I told him that he will be going back to Ireland soon...

After that, I ran a ton of errands and then went to my sorority's alumnae vs. actives softball game. The sheer idea of me playing any sport involving a ball is just funny, and let's just say that I provided some comic relief for all. I did actually make it around the bases once, of which I am very proud. After that I went to my Nana's to give her her medication. She only asked me three times why I'm not married yet, so it was a good day.

Sunday was devoted to more errands, and packing for Chicago. KMH- the madras monogrammed beer koozie and engraved flask are already packed. After that, I went to J & B's engagement party. The party was fun except for one borderline crazy girl who decided that I was going to be "next." She told me that the Lord loves her and she was going to give me a blessing that would make me find a man. Then she proceeded to actually bless me! Yes she was sober. Yes she was serious. (Note this girl was like 24, and not a little old Yenta.) That was a bit, um, bizarre. Other than that I had a blast.

As promised, I will leave you with pictures of my beloved teddy. But first, a back story. I was given this teddy bear by one of my mother's friends the day I was born. I named it "Mishka" which is the Russian name for Teddy. I was so original. I used to take this bear everywhere with me. Note at one point in my life, it was bigger than I was. At age 4, I once delayed a flight with my screaming because I had forgotten my Teddy. When I got older and started going to summer camp, I had to leave Teddy at home on trips simply because he took up too much room in my suitcase. Then in around 2nd or 3rd grade, I decided that boys were icky and had cooties, so even though I got the cootie shot for life, I decided to play it safe and change my Teddy into a girl and gave him a girl's name. A few years later, I decided that boys were more fun than girls and better listeners, so the bear became a boy, once more. This time I call him the English version of Teddy. He has been with me through 2 surgeries, several hospitalizations, countless breakups, and Lord knows what else. And he shows it. I wish I had a before picture, but alas, I only have after.

A full body shot, leaning agains my pillow. This should give you some idea as to his size.

A close up of his face. Please note the lack of a mouth, and slightly chipped eyes. Also, until I took this picture, I did not notice just how smushed his snout is or how his eyes are slightly lopsided. I love this bear. So so much. The Coca Cola commercials in winter make me happy because they make me think of him. Have I mentioned that I am pretty much world's biggest dork?


  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I also would have provided comic relief if I were playing softball. Although I don't mind sports, I am just not very good at them!

  2. oh my.. that poor teddy is soo old, i love it!! I am going to make a post about my lamby soon, good idea!! xxooo

  3. Do you have Ralph Lauren bed linen? Because I've seen that print before & when my mom decorated their house we almost went with that pattern (or maybe its William Sonoma home?) in 'our bedroom' (my mom still buys houses with three bedrooms - a master, one for Jeff, one for my sister and I - and I think if we botherd her enough she'd go back to a 4 or 5 bedroom house) ANYWAY, just sayin.

    Your bear looks well loved.

    The curly-wirlys look like they need more love. And I have lots to give. My sister alleges that you can get them in World Market, but I've never seen them there. :)

  4. So, basically some weird girl put a spell on you? Can't wait to hear if it works :)

    AND...your teddy is beautiful! I have one that resembles yours in wear & tear, and believe there is nothing more lovely than a well loved teddy!

  5. Yes, if you love curly wurlys (yes you can get them at world market), you should try Violet Crumble. It, too, is made by Cadbury. My ex is Australian, and he introduced me to Curly Wurly, Violet Crumble, Tim Tams, and so many other delightful treats!!!

  6. violet crumble is amazing- def check it out.